Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Liberals are too complicated?

It's an old argument. Conservatives like to brag about being simpleminded. Personally I think that's a funny thing to brag about... but to each his own I guess.

But is it true? Many liberals think so. Here's a "simple" message for you. You're wrong!

Usually you should get a bit miffed when someone tells you you are wrong. But you should feel good about being wrong this time.

Conservatives win because they own the media. They have corrupted and destroyed our educational infrastructure. They destroyed our concepts of community by feeding the greed is good, every man for himself attitude that led to the creation of suburbia. (which is now sinking us.)

You say liberal ideas are complicated, and conservative ideas are simple? That simply isn't true. Bush says he cut taxes. No he didn't he took out a loan and gave the money to the rich.

Think of the US govt as a homeowner and head of a household. What BushCo did was take out a mortgage and went and spent the money on a 4 year cruise to the caribbean and left his wife and kids to pay the mortgage. That's the truth, and it's not complicated at all. Just because he handed each one of them a gift on his way out the door doesn't make it complicated either. It just makes the wife and kids appear to be awfully gullible... and clearly they are...

as... are... we

Now, what is complicated about that? Nothing, except it hasn't been expressed like that on Fox News. So it seems difficult to comprehend at first, as do many liberal concepts, but this is deliberate. It's the ownership perk of this "ownership society" where bigtime conservatives control the message. But since it's the truth, it's not that difficult to comprehend. That's why someone totally indoctrinated by right wing media can be brought out of it within a very short period of time. Because it's fraught with lies and fallacies.
Just remember, Bush didn't cut taxes, he and his cronies all went to the bahamas on our tab. And their rhetoric about tax cuts paying for themselves turned out to be lies, as any intelligent liberal already knew they were.


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