Thursday, September 14, 2006

Wake up and smell the hypocrisy

Ok so our wonderful so called christian conservative leaders tell us that "islamofascism" is really really bad. One of the examples they like to use is how they treat women. Women have very little freedom compared to women in the US. Just look at what they're forced to wear! lol.

It's true, but... was it really our wonderful christian conservatives who brought women these freedoms? Ha, don't make me laugh. Women have their freedoms because they stood up for their freedoms. No wonderful christian conservative decided out of the blue that women should have equal rights. People had to fight for them. If it were up to the wonderful christian conservatives, women would still be relegated to the status of housewives. Just like blacks would still be slaves on the plantations.

It really irks christian conservatives that women are so free. They really don't want women to be free. Just look at the abortion issue for starters. You can't assign all sorts of stipulations like that if you truly believe in freedom and equal rights. They seem to have at least that much in common with the so called "islamofascists".

Yes, if those so called christian conservatives had their way, women would be about as free as the stereotypical islamic female.

Curious isn't it?

In fact if you take the time to analyze both groups you will see that they have a great deal in common.

They of course will deny it but at this point that is nothing more than good humor.


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