Monday, August 21, 2006

Cut and Run Republicans?

Some right wing nutter (schraged) posted this over on redstate

I am tempted to point out that the whole post is a result of someone whose worldview has been tainted by Fox News. That is obvious, so much so that it would be pointless to blog about it.

So where am I going with this?

Many, if not most who do hold that position advocate that we immediately withdraw our troops from Iraq, or at least set a date in which all US Forces will be removed. None have presented (that I know of) any type of plan of what to do following that withdrawal.

See, this is what is called... pure and unmitigated bull. There are plans. There are ideas. But those with real plans and real ideas are attacked or just ignored on Fox News and so the actual plans that good people have never get heard. Schraged should be ashamed and outraged. (Perhaps that's where the name comes from?)

What is a good plan?

Get together with all the heads of state in the Middle East. Ask them whether pulling out now would make things better or worse. Let the responsibility for what happens fall on their shoulders. (That's pretty much where it is anyway. We have no legitimate power over what happens over there.)

And here's the real kicker: put it to a vote. Let Iraqis decide whether the US should stay or leave. omg what a concept!

You almost have to have blinders on to not be asking that question already. Why hasn't there been a vote? Well, it's because some people have contempt for democracy. They won't let certain votes take place unless they are framed in such a way that the outcome would be absurd either way. And who might those people be? I'll give you a hint. They're the kind of people who, instead of allowing an up or down vote on something like a minimum wage increase, will try to attach an obscene tax cut for the rich onto the same vote. My god who would do such a thing? lol.

Democracy cannot function with those kinds of people in control.

But go on believing democrats don't have any ideas. They have one idea that will do more good than anything: get rid of the damn rethugs.

You want to be a conservative. Fine, that's another argument for another day. But Bush isn't a conservative. Neocons aren't conservatives. They hijacked conservatism and used it to push some sick twisted agenda. And if you had any pride you wouldn't stand by and let this happen.

Conservatives have been duped. Bigtime. Kinda like how liberals were duped by Clinton, only it's about ten times worse this time around.

If you're a neocon supporter, you really should think about cuttin and runnin. You're going to eventually. Because most people aren't that evil. Once they realize what the neocons really represent, they stand against it. It's just a question of how stupid you want to feel later on.

There are times when "cuttin and runnin" is the wise thing to do. Whether it be from Iraq is up to the Iraqis, but when it comes to the question of cuttin and runnin from the Neocons, that one is very much up to us.


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