Friday, September 15, 2006

Robert Novak reveals himself for the fraud that he is

Washington Journal, 9/15/06

Excerpts can be found at 2:17-2:19 of the 3 hour program

Here is a link to the streaming video

Some republican caller says that he's having a tough time remaining a republican in light of this current misadministration. And who can blame him for that? lol

Anyway, the caller revealed nothing to indicate that he could possibly be a "fake" republican. And yet Novak practically accuses him of being a communist posing as a republican caller. "This guy's about as much a republican as my foot is." (Yes that's an actual Novak quote.) How can he know that? The scope of the conversation was Joe Wilson and Novak. Did he mention tax policy? Foreign policy? Social programs? NO!

So on what grounds can Novak possibly suspect that the caller was not a true republican?

Because he spoke out against the administration and suspected that Novak has been lying to cover his ass. And for that reason and that reason alone he's not a republican, according to Novak. You see, you can't be a real republican if you question Novak or the administration he shills for. Heavens no!

What a fraud... hack... phony. Only a hackjob would say something like that. The idea that republicans can't question what is going on with this criminal administration... it's just completely bogus and completely revealing.

Here's another golden quot from Hack-vak: "I just despise these people... these bloggers..."

Yeah I'll bet you do. But it's ok because you can take your stupid republican foot remarks and stick up where the sun dont shine. Judging by the looks of you, they would get lost in the 30 pounds of undigested red meat you've got packed up in there.

Why anyone would want to read some stupid column written by some idiot who just proved he doesn't even know what a republican is, is beyond me. If he can't get that much right, then he's worthless as a media source.


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