Monday, October 23, 2006

The Rovian Dilemma

It's difficult to tell exactly who or what Rove is talking about sometimes. For example take these sound bytes from one of his neocon fundraisers.

25:13: "We got an economy that since the last big round of tax cuts in 2003 has grown 20% in size... you know what that's equivalent to?"

Well let's see here Mr Rove... That's equivalant to about half of the value that the US dollar has lost over the same period of time! It's also about equal to the amount that our national debt has grown since 2003. IMAGINE THAT! What a [censored] coincidence! NOT!

Instead of listening to Rove spout pathetic talking points, lets understand where the so called "growth" really came from.

From our personal savings.

including the last remaining equity in our homes:

Our economy has in fact hit a brick wall,

and it's happening precisely because the average person isn't getting any more money. We used up all our personal savings and mortgaged ourselves to the limit. The Fed had to raise interest rates to compensate for the increased inflation caused by the retards Rove is shilling for. And now the increased interest payments are sinking us. Us as in "real people", not the pathetic bootlicking money-whores who pay to see Rove spewing his nonsense (they're doing quite well, of course).

This is where Repugs get their so called economic growth from:

They borrow it. It's pathetic how they actually dupe people into believing they are squeezing water from a rock. In reality they are squeezing water from our kid's well. And I'm -- what do they call it -- "cynical" for pointing this out???

Ok now back to the Rove video.

27:40 "Like it or not we're in a war. Like it or not it came to our shores on a bright sunny september morning..."

See, and they have the nerve to say that they never claimed Saddam Hussein was responsible for 9/11. lol they're constantly spewing crap like this. Gotta love the subtlety of the propaganda. Despite what Bush says, they don't always catapult it. Sometimes they just lay it on you like a wet noodle.

28:28 "He and his allies want to establish a radical muslim empire..."

Whoa there, who exactly are you talking about Mr Hackjob? You and Bush have done more to establish a radical muslim empire than Osama bin Laden could have ever hoped to accomplish by himself. That's just the sad and sick truth. Hmm, let's see here, Bush vacations with the bin Ladens, he took money from the bin Ladens, and now he's doing the bidding of Osama bin Laden. These are the facts. And they're indesputable. Back in 2002, an American could have gone to half a dozen countries in the middle east and be treated with something that generally resembled good will. And now who in their right mind would go there? (Even if wearing a t-shirt saying "I didn't vote for 'him'")

29:30 "The things we take for granted... he hates. He hates the freedom, and the liberty, and the right of expression and thought and worship that we take for granted every single day..."

Well that's illuminating. The most obvious question is... again... who are you talking about, Mr. Patriot Act? And btw YOU might take those things for granted, as you just admitted, and so may your audience of phoney conservatives, but that doesn't mean that real Americans do.

Rove's 4 step plan for global jihad:
(This is pretty sick stuff. It's all pure vintage Rovish, straight from the horse's mouth.)
1. 29:58 "The defeat of the United States of America."

Check! The war in Iraq has sent us well on our way... thx Rove.
2. 30:12 "...extend what he calls the jihad wave to every other muslim country in the region"

Check! You officially added Lebanon to the list this year. Syria and Iran are tied for a toss up as the next target. Then Pakistan in '08? Gotta think big! Oh and don't forget the bombings in India. India! Good grief... I mean, Good work Rove.
3. 30:24 "... he wants to dominate the world" (Rove's gonna offer some pointers, woohoo!) "and the way to do it is one simple 3 letter word: OIL. And he talks about using oil as a weapon to damage western economies and to dominate the world politically and economically."

Check! That's right, Bush and Rove are gonna do everything in their power to help. From reducing CAFE standards to refusing to subsidize alternative energy, Bush and Rove will work hard to keep us addicted to oil. What a truly grand strategery, Mr. Rove.
4. 30:44 "He wants to utterly destroy the state of Israel."

Check! From financing the bombing of red cross ambulances and UN bunkers, to the financing of the slaughter of hundreds of Lebanese and Palestinian children, we are one step closer to pushing Israel off the edge. Like Rove said, "by any means necessary."

Of that whole speech, this is my favorite Rovian quote:
30:48 "I recommend the book to ya. It's like readin Mein Kampf"

Oh I bet you enjoyed that. Did your grandfather make you read that?

According to Wilson, and to Retired U.S. Navy Lt. Commander Al Martin (, Rove's grandfather was Karl Heinz Roverer, the Gauleiter of Oldenburg. Roverer was Reich-Statthalter---Nazi State Party Chairman---for his region He was also a partner and senior engineer in the Roverer Sud-Deutche Ingenieurburo A. G. engineering firm, which built the Birkenau death camp, at which tens of thousands of Jews, Gypsies, dissidents and other were slaughtered en masse.

Gosh, you've got a lot to live up to Mr. Rove.

30:59 "We're in a war. And it's a different kinda war. And we oughtta realize we're in a different kinda war, and act accordingly."

Now this I actually agree with. We are in a different kind of war. A war in which the enemy has already taken control of our government, and through lies and propaganda, has convinced 40% of Americans that we need to surrender our freedoms. We need to give up all our future wealth to the rich, so that they can escape to some pacific island when they finally succeed at imploding our economy. Hey, at least some part of the american dream will live on, amiright!?

Take a look at the facts.
1. Economy is imploding except for the Rich.
2. Bush is in bed with the bin Ladens.
3. They dupe people into believing that Osama was "disowned" or something. He's like the bastard child, so they say. And I ask, wtf does that have to do with the price of tea in China?
4. They lie about tax cuts. If taxes get cut by 2 trillion, and the national debt goes up by the same amount and more, then it aint really a [censored] tax cut now is it? (I don't know what's more disturbing, the fact that they did it, or the fact that they got away with it for so long?)
5. They lied us into Iraq. Then they used it as a cash cow for all their croneys.
6. They have done nothing and will do nothing to stop illegal immigration. They want a north american union... they want all of us to be slaves on the global plantation. NAFTA, CAFTA, SHAFTA, the current wage drought, the huge income boost to the rich, abstinence programs, terrorism... it's all centered around this policy.

31:09 "You know there's a wonderful room in the white house that I sometimes go to when I wanna sorta clear my head. Not too many people get to go there..."

Where? Bush's bedroom? Is that the one place where you get to be president?

"It's called the map room..."

Yeah right. I believe you.

At around 34:00 he starts going into a long diatribe about everything the Patriot Act has given us. The key to understanding this form of Rovish is knowing the real definition of "terrorist". Terrorists, are of course leftists, and liberals, and even some conservatives who refuse to surrender their sanity to Rove and his ilk.

Let me explain something about security, and "Roving" wiretaps, and all that stuff. As it relates to terrorism, it's a fraud. An illusion. Look, anyone can hack into a video stream and place secret communications encoded into the bitstream and then upload that video onto myspace, and terror networks around the world could download that video and get the information from it. And the goons monitoring us would never know it. The same can be done with images or even plain text. 657k56kj7k5kjkj5k6jkj5. What was that? A secret jihadi code? OMFG he's a terrorist, send the [censored] FBI to go get his unlawful enemy combatant ass. It's total nonsense. Claiming this crap is gonna protect us from terrorists is like claiming prisons will protect us from drugs. Yeah they're really protecting us. Millions in prisons and the drug problem is worse then ever. Not only is there still meth and crack and cocaine and the evil devil weed, but there's also a host of legal drugs that the drug companies are pushing on us... even on poor helpless children. Jesus christ, wake the [censored] up. The only way to stop terrorism is to quit meddling in other people's business. Stop staging coup's like in Iran, 1953. Stop supplying people like Saddam with weapons to fight Iran. Stop electing leaders who brainwash and stampede the public into wars for corporate profits. Demand justice for those that do it.

Notice how we haven't done jack to North Korea, even though they are by far a greater threat to our national security than Saddam ever was. You want to know why? Hell, you already know why. Because Kim Jong Il aint sittin on nuthin but a worthless pile of [censored] land and there aint no profit in going in there and taking him out, and you know it. Even Rove knows it.

All this talk about the nuclear threat and the axis of evil, and then, this... to quote Dan Rather: "Amazing, incredible, pick your word."

Let me be crystal clear on this. Nuclear weapons aren't meant to be used. They are meant to scare people... the fear that they might be used is what gives them their power. The undetonated nuke that hangs over all our heads... It's that picture of a mushroom cloud on the cover of Time magazine. "You better go waste those commie pigs before they nuke you!" Be afraid. Be very afraid.

The imagery is the true nuclear weapon. So you have to ask yourself, who is using nuclear weapons on you? Not the nuke, but the threat of being nuked?

That is the key to understanding terrorism. Rove isn't gonna teach you diddly squat about fighting terrorism until you understand this. The people who hang that threat over your head are most likely to be the ones who will actually hurt you. The husband who says you're going to get hurt if you don't do what he says. The cop who says you're going to jail if you don't do what he says. Of all the a-holes in the world, it is the ones who hang the threat over your head that are the biggest threat to you. And corrupt politicians are no different. They're maggots. Just like the wife beater or the crooked cop. They will use whatever they can to control you. If it serves them. If they know you'll go along with it. That's what Karl Rove is all about, and he doesn't bother trying to hide it.

We live in perilous times, because what people like Rove are saying goes beyond mere jingoism. It's not just fanatical patriotism, it's utter madness. Look at how everything he says is double speak. The way Bush and Rove seem to be doing the bidding of bin Laden. Igniting the middle east. Bringing in a global jihad. How far along does it have to get before you stop and say... damn he really is on the same side as bin Laden? And look how he accuses his opponents of that very same thing! It's called projection.

Some might argue, the problem with projection is that anyone can accuse anyone of doing it. A right wing hack could read this and accuse me of doing the same thing. heh. But the truth lies within the logic. Rove's logical framework is based on the concept of an unwillingness of his opponents to submit to authoritarianism and to grant Bush... and by proxy to grant Rove and the entire extreme right wing movement more power. Power to protect us? Well for one thing our country was founded upon the unwillingness to accept King George, so I can't see how Rove could possibly expect us to submit to him now. And the idea that those who do not submit to the new King George are somehow unpatriotic?

Oh the cruel irony! That's how you tell who is real and who is a fraud. Break down the logic and it all comes down to two simple answers: TRUE or FALSE. You know someone is being false when all of these incredible "coincidences" keep creeping back into the picture. Like the tax cuts and exploding national debt. Or the fact that Bush appears to be aiding the terrorists. Or the fact that only the rich are getting richer. Or the idea that submitting to King George is patriotic. Or the idea that we will be greeted as liberators. Or the fact that Bush said he wasn't that concerned with catching bin Laden. Or the fact that we haven't done anything about North Korea. Or the fact that Bush tried to hand over more ports to a foreign country. Or the idea of fighting a war on terror like the war on drugs? (Or the war on poverty?) Or the fact that "the enemy" is being associated with fascism (islamofascism?)? Take a good look at the word fascism. How can Rove and co even mention the word fascism, given all the symptoms they carry. Not only has the pot met the kettle, the pot has married the kettle and they've spawned a full set of cookware. When the pots and kettles are overflowing out of your cupboards, that's when you know it all comes crashing down to just one simple word: FALSE.

How can people like Rove be so wrong on so many counts? Two possibilities. They are either totally braindead, or totally lying. Either they slipped through the cracks in the walls of our republic... or they are the cracks. Either way, does it really matter? It's the Rovian dilemma. Is he pot, or is he kettle? Or is he the stuff you scrape off the bottom of both?


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