Monday, May 21, 2007

Michelle Malkin Enters the Twilight Zone... Again

wow what can one say to that? Sieg Heil?

She says "Ron Paul has no business being on stage as a legitimate representative of republicans" Eh? Translation: Ron Paul's voting record is consistently conservative, but I think you're too stupid to actually go and look at his voting record and compare it to Giuliani! The truth is that Michelle Malkin has no business claiming to be a "news correspondent!" I mean christ she's almost got me convinced Fox has a liberal bias because she hates a conservative like Ron Paul. Luckily I know that it's not about left/right, it's about which candidate is bought and controlled, and which is not.

Anyway, getting back to the video...

911 Truth Virus? wtf is she talking about? In the debate with Giuliani, all Ron Paul did was point out the principle of blowback which was spelled out by the CIA and even restated in the 911 Commission report!

Wow. So let me see if I got this right. Ron Paul quotes the 9/11 commission report. That makes him a 9/11 truth virus or whatever. Yet at the same time, 9/11 truthers are nearly unanimous in their rejection of the 9/11 commission report! How is that possible? How can he be a truther and yet support conclusions reached by the 9/11 commission report? oops. Such a fine example of superior Malkin logic. She talks about facts and logic and all that wonderful stuff.... stuff she obvious has no clue about.

And check this out:

Look familiar? She of all people ought to know the meaning of the word.

You know whats really scary about her? Listen to this clip of her:

The logical Malkin (oxymoron?)

Frightening! Yes it's true she has no business speaking about reason, obviously, but did you notice the accent on the word "logic"? My god she sounds JUST LIKE Ann Coulter. Ugh. Where does Fox keep digging up these corpse-brains? It really irritates me how these people so diminish and degrade the value of logic and reasoning in debate. If you're going to talk about it, have the common freakin courtesy to actually use it!

I notice that she seems to have all but replaced Ann Coulter as Fox's #1 neocon propaganda whore. The role she plays is about as demeaning for women as the pro baseball players who take steroids. Absolutely nasty and despicable and oh so damaging on so many levels. Let's see how long she lasts in that position. I personally hope she stays there because she discredits Fox in ways that even Oreilley could never dream of.

Here's some real logic and reason:

She's right about one thing though. There is a truth "virus" out there... but only people like her would really think of it as a virus. In an Orwellian world, the truth would be considered a virus, wouldn't it?


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