Friday, September 14, 2018

Is There a Left Left?

It's is actually disturbing what passes for "left" today. The left shop amazon, own apple phones, use facebook and twitter. One has to ask, does this seem like the behavior of leftists? Given the threat these companies represent to the left specifically, one would expect them to be against all of these. But they embrace them, thinking these massive corporations are on "their side" when it should be quite obvious (even to them) that they definitely are not truly on their side. All classical definitions of what makes the left left have been left aside and replaced with cultural marxism. It's actually bizarre that they all fall for it.

The entire left has been swallowed up by this black cloud of SJW nonsense. Now, all they care about is rooting out the offensive. A war on words.

What does this mean for history? The left used to make some good points. They used to stand for something. Agree or disagree, at least there was discourse. Now, all the left represents is simply the desire to shut down all discourse in the guise of eliminating the offensive. How do you grow your movement when it has been consumed by the will to remove any speech that is offensive to anyone?

This is a completely absurd state of affairs. I am more leftist than these people. I realize the dire threat these massive corporations represent. They are circumventing the Constitution in a way that wasnt even conceived of 20 years ago, unless you followed people like Ale_ Jon_s. Funny how you cant even say his name without being censored today, in the world he predicted over and over and over, so many years ago. We now live in a country where you supposedly have a 1st amendment right, yet you really dont. And the left doesnt care.

Leftists used to care, for decades and decades they never lost sight of at least the 1st amendment. Now that they have, one has to ask, are they even leftists at all? You can't even call them liberal because liberals increase the size and scope of the federal government. These leftists arent doing that. They are castrating the federal government by enlarging and enriching these massive Constitution-circumventing corporations. If they arent truly leftists then just what are these people? I know I've asked that question before. But their behavior is becoming more and more erratic. It is confounding.


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