Tuesday, August 08, 2006

BP: Let me state the obvious

They're scamming us. We're supposed to feel sorry for the because they're going to lose profits? Boo hoo...

I don't even think they'll lose all that much because their tomfoolery has already raised the price of oil significantly. Throw a hurricane or two into the mix and they could have another year of record profits.

Which leads to the next question: What happens if they do end up with another year of record profits? We already know they're scamming us, it's obvious. They rake in record profits yet they make pathetic excuses about why they have to shut down production? If they spent more money on maintenance their profits wouldn't have been so high, and neither would the price of oil right now. It's bullshit.

I guess the only question left to ask is: Do the oil companies rule over us completely? Are we their slaves? Is anyone going to do anything about this? And how many Bush Zealots will wake up because of this? I hope quite a few... because we've got to salvage something out of this.


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