Friday, August 18, 2006


I am amused by the people who claim to be patriots, and yet they are often the same people who think it's necessary to give up liberty in order to have security.

Do you know what a patriot is?

A patriot is someone willing to die to protect the Constitution. That's what it is. It's not about "loving our country" or "supporting the troops" or "defending our country from the evil terrorists who hate our freedoms". Without the Constitution, America wouldn't be America. It would be a cesspool and it wouldn't be worth defending.

Knowing this, I am left with the glaring question:

Why are certain people, who call themselves patriots, trying to dismantle the Constitution at every turn?


Because it is necessary to sacrifice liberty for security?

That sounds rather UN-patriotic to me.

People have a choice.

1. Give up your constitutional rights for some theoretically higher level of security.

2. Risk potential death or dismemberment from a terrorist act or any other act resulting from an unwillingness to surrender our constitutional rights.

You people who choose option #1, I got some news for you: you are not patriots. Stop pretending like you are... you're giving patriots a bad name. It's ok. The world needs cowards just like it needs heroes.

If defending the Constitution causes us to be less secure, and this lack of security leads directly to our deaths, then a true patriot will say:

"So be it."

There can be no better way to die... if you love your country and the constitution for which it stands.

You do not suspend the constitution, even in an emergency, if you are a patriot. You're a selfish coward if you do that. Yes, I am implying that in some rare but conceivable instances, it might be stupid to be a patriot. But that's the risk you take. Period.

This isn't a matter of opinion. This is a most simplistic statement of pure truth that is not debatable on any grounds whatsoever. If someone tries to deny the logic of what I just said, then they are a fraud; a fake; a hack; a shill; a phony. And they should be exposed as such. The cowards should not be allowed to call themselves patriots.


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