Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Another Day, Another Round of Faulty Right Wing Logic

I was reading the comments on a random article about the Lamont primary victory in CT.

GOP cashing in with Lamont

So many right wingers posted so many unbelievably rediculous comments that I felt the need to squash them all.

But first, my short remarks on the ousting of Lieberman:

From VP to IND. How the mighty have fallen. Remember, Lieberman by all rights won the Vice Presidency in 2000. You'd think the fact that he did not defend what was stolen from him would be a major clue about his character. Second, he's an enabler of Fox News. Any self respecting democrat should only say one thing to Faux News: "your pathetic". Third, he just said the party has been taken over by extremists because they're against the war, so he's basically calling the majority of Americans extremists. That sounds just like something a right wing radio or Fox News talk show host would say. Everyone who disagrees with the mass looting of America and wars based on lies is a far left extremist and all Iraqis are terrorists! It's pathetic, and for too long we've allowed this country to be dragged down by these people. The democratic party is stronger without Lieberman.

Ok now on to the flaming horse manure:

Posted by: will | Aug 9, 2006 7:11:36 AM:

The republicans are right. The far left is taking the democratic party down the road to ruin. Just when they had a chance to win too.

Win what? A battle over how best to stay the course?

Posted by: Bill | Aug 9, 2006 7:39:43 AM:

The far left is enjoying their day in the sun.

Notice how the far left (60%+ of America?) are equated with people who never get to spend a "day in the sun". This just goes to show how deeply brainwashed these people are. No doubt some whackjob like Limbaugh spent a half hour talking about how liberals are like vampires or they live in basements or some other crap like that.

Posted by: Barry J. Marcus | Aug 9, 2006 8:41:04 AM:

Today's "democrats" scare me breathless. From them all we hear is the echo of Neville Chamberlain, confusing fine wishes with reality.

Yeah well I'd say the same thing about you if you didn't piss me off so much. Why are democrats so scary? Because they want to bomb, rape, and maim less innocents and create less terrorists in the world? Because they want to steal fewer trillions from the treasury and give it to the rich? Because they want to hold oil companies accountable when they pull crap like shutting down our largest oil field for "maintenance" while at the same time reporting record profits? You might be scared of democrats, but I'm scared of your sheer stupidity.

Posted by: Keith | Aug 9, 2006 8:56:29 AM:

The political reality is the Democratic leaders have gotten us into many of the conflicts that have cost us the most lives. Remember Lindon Johnson and Vietnam? Hmmm?

And that is exactly what was at issue in this primary. Lieberman is one of those fake democrats who surrendered far too much for far too little. The right loves him because people like him provide the false left/right smokescreen that the elites use to hide the real mechanisms of control. And by the way, it wasn't democratic ideology that got us into vietnam. You can thank big business imperialists for that. And who is the party of big business? Well, both really, but mostly rethugs. Johnson was totally under the control of these corrupt elites.

I just love how people like Keith totally ignore the massive fallout of the Kennedy assassination. One must do that if one hopes to remain faithfully and blindly republican.

Posted by: Canada | Aug 9, 2006 10:43:14 AM:

Wake up people...

While you are all talking about the votes the world is running out of oil. Oil is the only true means of energy to produce and mobilize...

Well this person obviously isn't a right wing whacko but I just had to comment because it is also disturbing to me how everyone seems to be focused on the deck chairs of the sinking titanic that is the US economy. But then again, if we don't get rid of these damn republicans and their irrational brainwashed mindset, then we're all going to be jihaded into oblivion long before we can suffer from the slow collapse of a post peak oil era, even if oil is peaking now.

Posted by: Wolfgang | Aug 9, 2006 10:45:13 AM:

It also demonstrates that the Democrats are going to shoot themselves in the foot with the lefties demanded an ideological conformity reminiscent of what the Stalinists required in Russia leading up to great purges of the 30's - NO deviation from the "party line."

Reich Wing hackery at its finest. Notice the disconnect from reality? Which party has marched in lockstep over the past 12 years? Which party is universally known for not deviating from the party line. And did they shoot themselves in the foot? No, although the gun finally seems to be pointing in that direction. For chrissakes this entire Lieberman/Lamont contest was all about NOT following the party line. Can you say "Holy [censored] [censored], this Wolfgang guy's [censored] stupid?" Really, how can someone be so colosally retarded? I know it sounds like an ad hominem, but at what point do you give up and say this person is just a bleeping retard? This is what you get by listening to Limbaugh and Fox News. It's all propaganda and it destroy's people's minds. I think it needs to be confronted. And pleasantries aint cuttin it.

Posted by: Darryn | Aug 9, 2006 10:50:06 AM:

C) Will you help us do whatever it takes to lose the war?

Lose what war? The one we lost the moment we decided to begin it with lies? People like Darryn remind me of novice chess players. They wait until they're checkmated and then start speculating on why they lost, when the actual cause occured far earlier than they are capable of comprehending.

Posted by: Rob Dickson | Aug 9, 2006 11:01:49 AM:

It is a sad day when Americans look at their government with such ire and contempt. Often I wonder if the explosion of new media that we are witnessing has added to the lack of civil exchange among the citizenry.

It would be sad if they were unjustly held under such contempt. It would be even sadder if they were worthy of such contempt, and yet not viewed upon with the appropriate level of contempt.

At least with ire there is the possibility for change. Imagine where we'd be if Bush still somehow had a 90% approval rating... if you can imagine that. What would it be like to live in a country with people like that? It would be a nightmare. I'll take a little ire over that any day.


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