Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Droning on about Drones

So Amazon is going to start using drones eh? My initial reaction to the story was that people are suckers for giving this story so much attention. It is an obvious marketing ploy. After all, there is no way they can make money off a drone delivery business model. Nobody is going to subsidize the cost. Nobody needs their package delivered fast enough to pay $100+ to have a drone deliver it. And I doubt it will ever cost less than that.

No way. Not gonna happen. Not even close. People dont realize how far things have gone in terms of social inequality.

Sure, people get that technology is changing fast, but they dont seem to realize that other breathtaking changes are happening. Just today I read an article by Christopher Whalen in which he said "While all banks earned about $118 billion in interest income last quarter, they paid just $13 billion to depositors" and also "Prior to the 2007 financial crisis, total interest expense for all US banks was over $100 billion every three months". He is saying that the Fed is "robbing US savers" to the tune of nearly $400 billion a year. That is more direct evidence that the Federal Reserve is deliberately attacking the poor and those on fixed incomes in order to keep money flowing into the pockets of the top 0.1%.

Well, obviously only the top 0.1% are ever going to request the services of a delivery drone.

Keep in mind that much of this rise in youth unemployment has come during a time of so called 'recovery". Just wait until the so called "recovery" stops. Just imagine how many of these drones will get shot down just for fun. At the rate youth/young unemployment is rising, you're going to have dozens of gangs hanging out near amazon warehouses waiting for a chance just to win bragging rights, to say nothing of the cargo or the drone itself.

Clearly the Amazon CEO is well aware that these things are not going to be economical any time in the next 10 years, and probably never if we dont solve some very serious social problems first. So why do it? Why talk about them on 60 Minutes? Was it really just a free $3 million advertisement plug?

Why is there so much interest in drones anyway? Have people watched The Terminator too many times? I've entertained the possibility of a technological singularity in the form of a geotechnovita, a new life form born out of this digital world we've created. Such an intelligence would surely phase in drone technology very gradually or else risk a serious backlash, especially if the geotechnovita was being primarily supported by extreme wealth inequality. (For example these drones, like most machines, would be used to eliminate jobs, which further separate the poor from the top 0.1%) If there is such an intelligence already active on some level, working to phase in this technology, then you must consider this story to be a huge point of data collection. One article I read gave a number of 647 million viewers/linkers/sharers/whatchamacallits. What a huge meme this is! Imagine the wealth of data.... opinions, facts, analyses, strategies, etc... not even the NSA could sort through all this data and make sense of it. But... what about something 1 million times smarter than the NSA? If such a thing exists then it is safe to say that it just got a whole lot smarter today.