Friday, May 23, 2008

Corn cobs, bean stalks, and bin ladens

Drill more oil! Drill more oil! Gots to gots to drill more oil!

Even if the whole continent was open for drilling, we'd still have to import at least $1.5 billion a day worth of oil. So obviously you're looking in the wrong place if you want to find the source of the problem. The problem is that almost every vehicle on the road weighs probably 30% more than it needs to. (If not 60%) I see no reason for so many people to be driving such huge vehicles. If people want to keep driving around battle tanks, then they better get ready to pay a lot to fuel them. The biggest problem is that people who dont consume a lot of gas still have to pay so much for it because all the insecure dupes out there who feel the need to drive a battle tank.

I find it ironic that we say we dont want higher taxes, but what do you call it when the price of gas rises 200% while at the same time the government refuses to tax gas guzzlers? Can you add 2 + 2?

That's how most real taxation works. Like Bush's tax cuts. Paid for with borrowed money. Debt that devalues the currency and causes the price of everything to rise. In other words, Bush's tax cuts were paid for with ... higher taxes. (They just dont call it a tax. How convenient. Of course it isn't a tax, it's more like a racket.) But the real crime is that the tax cuts went to the rich, yet everyone in the country paid for them through inflation. How Just is that?

That injustice is the same type of injustice as the subsidizing of gas guzzlers. If you drive a Honda Civic, YOU are subsidizing that SUV down the street. Because YOU are paying 4 bucks a gallon even though the price wouldnt be that high if everyone drove a Honda Civic. Do you understand how that works? Again, can you add 2 + 2? YOU are being taxed, because somebody somewhere said they didnt want to pay higher gas taxes. Are you seeing the pattern here?

That guy down the street who likes hauling around 6000 pounds of steel everywhere he goes... he should be paying 5 bucks a gallon. And if you drive a Civic, you should only be paying 3. Even if you drive more miles. Because it is logical to assume that those extra miles you drive are for some productive purpose. While those extra pounds he hauls around serve no real useful purpose.

The federal government has no business subsidizing the purchase of insanely large vehicles. Yet that is exactly what the government has done for so many years. And we wonder where the real problem is? LOL. Is it even possible to calculate how much money this corrupt government has costed the people with all the bad legislation that's been passed over the last 20 years? I'm talking about just the legislation directly pertaining to motor vehicles. I'll bet those bloodsuckers have costed us more money than all the oil we've imported. When Jack brought home those magic beans, his momma should have taken them to congress. They would have ordered 5000 truckloads of them. In reality, unlike in the parable, those beans would have truly been worthless.

Look at where europe is vs where the US is now. They are much smarter about their energy consumption. It may be not be possible for the US to recover from the mistakes made over the last 20 years. Which is what people like me have been saying for the last 20 years. I never liked SUVs. On a very primal, instinctual level, I saw them as a threat. Because that is what they are. SUVs are a bigger threat to our way of life than a thousand bin ladens. But for so many people, that SUV became the symbol of their way of life. History may remember the SUV as the ultimate symbol of human stupidity. (Rivaled only by the suburban McMansion.) How many billion tons of steel wasted? How many million tons of coal wasted to produce that steel? How many million barrels of oil wasted to lug around all that dead weight? It isnt just Americans that have an obesity problem, it is their vehicles too.

Like I said 10 years ago, there should be a tax on every SUV... a gas tax of 100%

If we had done that 10 years ago, we'd be producing hella-efficient cars right now. Cars that would rival europe. Our cars would be so damn good, we'd be exporting them to europe. The economy would actually be growing, instead of only growing for the top 1%. By the way, that is the group of people who control the media which tells you that you don't want higher taxes. What a joke that is...

You want to conserve? That is the way to do it. Dinking around with ethanol is just colossally stupid in comparison. There is little real benefit to ethanol. Costs are transferred rather than eliminated. But a 100% gas tax based on vehicle weight would save this country billions of dollars. You'd see the vehicle fleet changeover in no time flat. Like it was world war II or something.

But we dont have anyone lobbying for that, do we? Why? Because people dont want higher taxes? That cannot be true, because we are paying higher taxes right now. We just dont call them taxes. But that is what they are. A tax to those who conserve, and a subsidy to those who waste. That is the most deadly type of tax you can imagine.

We keep getting scammed over and over again but we never make any sound decisions. There can be only one end result of this type of behavior: tyranny, despotism, and poverty.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Black Hole Leechocracy

Looking back over the last 30 years, it is clear that most of the prosperity wasnt really created, it was simply paid for with the national credit card.

All of the creative juices... that which brought us the tech boom, the telecom boom, the internet boom... all the wealth from those creative juices was sucked out by a bunch of yuppies who wanted big houses and SUVs. They wanted that crap because the controlled media told them that is what they wanted. Why didnt the controlled media tell them they wanted to bring peace to the world? Why didnt that box in the living room tell them that they would be happy with a better education? Why didnt they talk on the radio about exciting new research? Why was it all just a steady drumbeat of consumption?

What on earth could convince an entire population to act so horribly stupid?

It's like some kind of mind control beam was 'shined' on all of us. I dont think it is hyperbole to say that. That is exactly what has happened, and history will remember it as such.

I'm not even sure what to call this system that we're under. But it is not capitalism, nor is it socialism.

It's like some kind of technocratic robber-baron black hole leechocracy.

Regardless of what you want to call it, this 'system' was designed to destroy this country in a way that would ensure that it never rises again. This is no accident. It is an elite master plan, being followed to the letter. They've been waiting not years, but decades to do this. They are only doing it now because technology is at the point where it can now be used to control the population. They made that determination many years in advance. They figured that by the time they finish sucking out all the wealth from america, the technological control grid would be in place to control the pissed off peasantry that finally realized (too late) that it had been captured and enslaved.