Wednesday, July 21, 2010

US Intelligence Community Inefficient, Unmanageable

Report: U.S. intelligence community inefficient, unmanageable

Unmanageable? Please, tell me something I don't already know.

So what is this massive overbloated intelligence apparatus doing? Combating terrorism? Not a chance. See that picture of the Orly owl above? That picture could contain a message hidden within the individual pixels. How about this:

Cute eh? Well, that picture too could contain a hidden message by means of slightly altered pixels. No human or computer would ever be able to see it, as slight changes in pixels are indistinguishable from noise. That baby's face contains thousands of pixels of slightly different color variation. The same camera could take that same photo 1 million times, and each time, the pixels on the baby's face would ALWAYS be slightly different. As long as the original, unaltered image is never uploaded to the web, no supercomputer in the world could ever decode the message, or even have ANY way of telling whether or not it contains a hidden message. With today's 12MP+ digital cameras, it is not only possible to encode long messages within photos, but it is also possible to encode entire files, even entire photos(!) within a seemingly innocuous photo posted on facebook. This type of message encoding is not new. Similar methods were used in WWII. The basic technique was even used in the middle ages. There is absolutely no way the US intelligence community can track anyone's communications if they do not wish to be tracked. And they damn well know it. So the question remains... Just what in tarnation are these people doing? How do you justify an 11+ figure intelligence budget when it is absolutely impossible to detect hidden messages that could be right in front of your nose every single day? Simple... you can't justify it. It is just a waste of money. At best. At worst, they are up to no good. As is usually the case, it is only our ignorance that allows this sort of waste to continue.