Friday, May 25, 2012

Highlighting the Absurdity of a Broken Health Care System

Here is a very important article:

 High School Freshman Confounds Researchers, Invents New Pancreatic Cancer Test

So a 15 year old with little to no resources develops a test which is 100 times more accurate than existing tests?

This test will save lives and that is a great thing.

Additionally, just think of how much money is going to be saved by this test. All the tens of thousands of dollars wasted on late stage cancer treatments. The last few weeks of life for a cancer victim are what really rack up the medical bills. That is when the health care system almost literally feasts on the cancer victim. That feeding frenzy is what our entire healthcare system has built itself around. So of course they have absolutely no interest in funding research to develop better preventative medicine. It has gotten so absurd that we literally have children independently developing better tests than what this bloated disgusting pathetic shameful health care industry can provide. This is a disgusting sickening in-your-face blatant example of exactly how and why our health care system is broken.