Monday, February 18, 2008

Seizures of Society

I just heard about another school shooting. As usual, after I hear the news the first thing I do is go read and find out what kind of medication the kid(s) were on. In the process of doing that, I found another one of these sad pathetic "All we can do is ask why" types of articles.

All we can do is ask why? God that sounds like such a slavish attitude. We already know why. The country, and indeed the world, is run on lies. Our current president stole the election in 2000. And nothing was done about it! A year later, 19 saudi hijackers magically caused a 47 story skyscraper, which housed the CIA and the SEC and a dozen other agencies, to collapse neatly into its own footprint! (Gosh it sounds like fiction. What does occam's razor say about that?)

It's the fluoride in the drinking water. It's the mercury in the vaccines. Its the refined sugar kids are given, and its the drugs they are prescribed because the doctors willfully misdiagnose a sugar high! Lies lies lies! In a world based on lies, you are going to have people flipping out. Especially when they're on psychotropic medications which wreck their brains... brains which were already ruined by the tv. And by industrial waste chemicals marketed as being healthy.

Oh but its the video games! Yeah. Its ok to zombie out to the tube for 5 hours, but its wrong to play games with friends. Sometimes gaming is social, and sometimes its not. And therein lies a key relevant distinction.

What's wrong is that there is a serious problem in this country with people's critical thinking skills, or lack thereof. That is no surprise, because every single thing even remotely intellectual is under attack. Look at the state of tv and radio. It's all dumbed down escapist crap. All entertainment, all the time. Why? Why do so many people's eyes glaze over when anything even remotely intelligent comes on the tv?

And worst of all, there is a certain kind of cowardice... which makes us say things like "All we can do is ask why". Like John Mayer, singing "waiting on the world to change." We're always waiting for someone else to do the hard work...

The answer is so simple. The country is being destroyed by irrational levels of mindless consumption and our own unwillingness to deal with the depth of the lies. Why should anyone be surprised when people flip out and go postal in any of a thousand ways? It's like a convulsion or a seizure of society. And make no mistake, it is society as a whole that has the sickness, not just the individuals who commit these acts. As we become more and more decadent, more and more detached from reality, expect to see these kinds of events continue to occur and expand. And expect the globalist shills begging and pleading for you to give up your liberties for protection. Who knows, maybe they are right. Perhaps people would be safer locked in a cell. And happier? At least until they turn off your tv and forget to feed you!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Bush's Economic Scamulous Package

Let's do some basic math.

Americans consume approx 400 million gallons of gasoline every day.

At $3 a gallon that is $1.2 billion a day.

Gas prices are up at least 30% compared to last year. Which means that this $1.2 billion a day we're spending now was only about $900 million per day one year ago. I dont have the exact figures and we dont really need them to see that there's a serious problem here!

We are spending somewhere around a quarter billion more per day, conservatively, on gasoline than we were a year ago.

That's about $100 billion a year!! If/when the price of gasoline hits $3.50 a gallon, it will mean that the rising cost of gasoline will consume ALL of this economic stimulus money in one year. IF gas hits $4 a gallon, it will consume all of the stimulus money within 6 months.

And that says nothing about the increased cost of natural gas, electricity, food, medical care, tuition, and just about everything else that's not made in china.

This is simple math, and it says this stimulus is an insulting joke. It's an election year ploy. If gas goes to $4 it is going to blow up in their faces come november. IF gas stays where it is, or drops, it will mean there is severe demand destruction indicating severe recession. Either way, this stimulus is a joke. They know its not going to work, and once again they think people are too damn stupid to figure it out.

We need energy independence, NOT silly handouts. Especially handouts that are tacked onto the country's national credit card.