Friday, July 25, 2008

Peak Oil and the Occult Ruling Class

Why is there so much resistance to the idea that there are people above Bush who are really in control?

It is part of what John Michael Greer of the Archdruid Report calls “scapegoat logic”. I guess he uses this term because it makes people blame the illuminati or reptoids, and then say "there’s nothing I can do", and then go back to watching television. I don’t believe in that way of thinking. I think that anyone who responds in that way is part of the problem. It is an attitude manufactured, in part, by the mind controlling content on that television. I would say that it is scapegoat logic to blame the reptoid conspiracy rather than general apathy and ignorance. (Which is worse, people who think too much about things they cant really prove? Or people who think too much about absolutely nothing at all?)

I wont go as far as to say there is a reptoid conspiracy. But I will say (and you'd be a fool if you didnt agree with me when I say) that our leaders know about Peak Oil. They know, and they also know what it means for civilization if the proper steps are not taken. And when I say "our leaders" I mean both those on the political / financial levels, and the occult rulers above them. They all know about Peak Oil. They all clearly understand what exponential growth is. They've asked if humans were smarter than yeast. They have a basic understanding of all of that. Maybe not Bush, but he’s just the wallpaper.

If you cannot agree on my points so far, then I don’t know what to say. May as well stop reading.

The next key point is that the occult ruling class controls nearly almost everything of importance.

There is a reason there is so much occult symbolism on the dollar bill. And its not to make people like me talk about reptoids either. They put all that symbolism on the dollar bill out of hubris. They're saying "we won". They took control of the money supply of the greatest nation on earth. And then they sat back laughing as they implemented their 100 year plan. That plan was to use the USA as an engine of global domination and consumption. They are stampeding humanity right off a cliff, just like buffalo.

They knew that people would notice that peak oil represented a grave threat. To counter, they used a number of control mechanisms. They funded communism, nazism, maoism, the eugenics movements, you name it... if it’s bad, then it’s been funded by wealthy bankers with strong occult religious beliefs.

And they of course used the two party system to control Americans.

At no point in history has it ever been more obvious that both parties are controlled by the same forces. Everyone knows this. (We know this, because “at the end, all will be revealed.” That’s the beauty of it, from their perspective. We will figure this thing out right at the end, long after it’s too late to do anything about it.)

They knew that not everyone would be fooled by the primary control mechanisms, such as the two party system and the demonization of “communism”, the Red Scare, Domino Theory, etc, etc. That blends right into terrorism and cave dwelling boogeymen. They knew that at least 5% of the population would be immune to these traps. So they implemented a handful of secondary countermeasures:

1) Global warming. It's totally obvious that this was manufactured by the occult. How else can you explain why people would worry so much about the climate 50 or 100 years from now when society is going to be steamrolled long before then, by peak oil? Global warming is based completely on the flawed assumption that the global economy is going to keep expanding without any problems, until the climate becomes a problem. What kind of dreamworld do you have to be living in to believe that?

2) The above countermeasure fooled the scientists and the environmentalists. This countermeasure fools the economists, and to some extent, the fringe movements, ie the "conspiracy nuts". This countermeasure is Inflation. We know it has been used as a weapon against populations in the past by lowly tinpots. Here is how it works when the occult rulers use it.

We have 90% of people buying the sophomoric mainstream media bull about lack of drilling, "no new refineries in 30 years" and speculators run amok. I wont address the lack of drilling and the no new refineries because it is well documented in many places with overwhelming evidence that both those "causes" are not correct.

I will say something about speculation though. It is important to note that speculation serves a vital role in a free market. If there is something worth speculating about, then you should expect there to be speculation. This is why speculation is a symptom rather than a cause of a problem. This is basic market economics 101 stuff. Anyone, and I mean ANYONE who blames the price of oil on speculation is placing a little sign on their forehead that says "I dont know a damn thing about the market." These people simply are not thinking. If they were, then they would eventually reach the conclusion that something very real is driving the speculation. And that's what this countermeasure #2 is all about. Enter Ron Paul. He is there to tell us that it is the erosion of the dollar that has caused oil to go up. And gold, and silver, and everything else that requires energy to build or dig out of the ground. There is some truth to this, but it is difficult for many people to establish proper causation. Was it the threat of peak oil that created a need to go into Iraq? Or was it us going into Iraq and creating huge deficits that destroyed the dollar and caused oil to go up? It seems like a tough question for anyone who hasnt taken a couple hundred hours out of their life to study peak oil. All one needs to do is read Cheney's now infamous oil speech from a decade ago to know what he knew. His speech totally and completely removes any doubt as to whether he was aware of the problems the oil undustry faced. He laid out the numbers. Quoting Cheney:

For the world as a whole, oil companies are expected to keep finding and developing enough oil to offset our seventy one million plus barrel a day of oil depletion, but also to meet new demand. By some estimates there will be an average of two per cent annual growth in global oil demand over the years ahead along with conservatively a three per cent natural decline in production from existing reserves. That means by 2010 we will need on the order of an additional fifty million barrels a day. So where is the oil going to come from?

He never did answer that question. No one has.

Even if you think everything I'm saying is useless drivel, you should still be wondering why no one is able to accurately answer that question that Cheney asked. The future of America depends greatly on the answer to that question. Because even though no one has an answer to that question, even 9 years after it was asked, America has still been proceeding as if someone has the answer.

3) Technology. This countermeasure hasn’t fully played out yet. You've got the television brainwashing as an obvious first step. Then you have satellites, thermal imaging and tracking, GPS and cellular tracking, the list literally goes on and on. It was all built to ostensibly to "make life easier". But on the occult level it is clearly here to control us.

4) 9/11: A honeypot for "conspiracy nuts" who weren't captured by countermeasure #2. Also, a distraction. Thousands of the most intelligent and more importantly, free and independent thinking people, had their talents rerouted onto pictures of molten iron and thermal hotspots and planes that might not be planes and holes with no wreckage and the countless lies told by the Bush administration and their sycophants in the media and god... the list goes on and on. Meanwhile the country was pillaged and raped and it took this long for people to begin figuring out what 9/11 truly was. And most importantly, it is logical to assume they have a list of anyone who has ever questioned 9/11, even though there is no constitutionally legal justification for anyone to have such a list.

So, they got the scientists. They got the environmentalists. They got the economists. They got the technophiles. They even got most of the conspiracy nuts. There were other groups targetted with other countermeasures. Feminists for example. The whole civil rights movement is part of the occult system of control. They allowed for equal rights because they were so close to achieving their goals that it didnt matter anymore. Just like it doesnt matter if everyone in Zimbabwe is a billionaire, because the currency was destroyed. If you're angry now, then you had better get over your denial quickly...

By using secondary countermeasures like these, they have succeeded in stampeding the vast majority of the population toward the cliffs. Call it scapegoating if you want. But this IS happening. Peak oil is not that complicated. Fire drills are more complicated, yet 8 year old children can handle them with ease. Do you honestly think that we as a society could not muster up enough competence to deal with the simple fact that every faucet has a maximum flow rate? (That's all peak oil says...) Or that every car has a maximum top speed? etc etc. There is no rational reason for the entire species to be marching off a cliff like this. In near total ignorance. Blindsided by a bell curve so obvious it is absurd.

Only a powerful, occult, arcane force can explain these levels of cognitive dissonance. The mind has to be trained to function in that way. That training, aided by the television set, has been provided by the same occult ruling class that brought us the Federal Reserve.

100 years from now, will the remaining humans wonder what the hell happened to make us so colossaly ignorant? I think they will know, because the story is told on every single dollar bill. You just have to step back and look at things from a larger historical perspective.

But the question is, why do this? Why run this sort of scam against the entire species? Clearly this was more than just a 100 year plan. The Federal Reserve was simply the final leg of the journey. It's been going on for centuries.

But why?

Why not? "Because we can" is always a good answer. Why did Jim Jones kill off his cult? Things like that have happened thousands of times throughout history. But the scale of this is so massive and so hard to comprehend. And that's why some people turn to things like reptoids. The underlying theme behind those kinds of theories is not a hatred of lizards, but the simple idea that it is some sort of offworld intelligence that is really running things. This may be true. Who knows? If true, then were we ever meant to know? If not, then humanity must simply accept slavery.

But if humanity was meant to be slaves, then why provide so much freedom in the first place? Why not just have us all be slaves at the pyramids of Egypt?

I think we were meant to know. I think we were meant to figure out who or what is controlling this occult system, and we were meant to fight them.

If you’re familiar with Star Trek, you probably understand the Prime Directive and how it relates to warp drive and alien contact. In Star Trek, a culture had to develop the capability to travel beyond the speed of light in order to be contacted. Well, I believe something similar may be happening with these occult rulers. Some sort of test. We have to figure it out in order to advance to the next level, the next plane of existence, level of consciousness, whatever. This could be the key to explaining all the UFO activity and many other things. They could all be watching, waiting, for humanity to cross the threshold and pass the test and destroy the illuminati. Or fail and have a massive die off. Either way, it probably would make for decent entertainment for whoever might be watching.

Note that the "Archdruid" actually deleted the link to this post, while leaving several other links in his comment section intact. I cant say I'm surprised. Why is it that when most people see anything to do with the occult ruling class, they dont just ignore it, but they actually go out of their way to prevent others from seeing the information? Why bother? What purpose does it serve? This need in people to act this way is, I believe, the root and core reason why the occult ruling class holds so much power over America. If what I'm writing here is useless babble, what harm is useless babble? The world is full of it. However, if there is any truth to this babble, then what? How about another buffalo analogy. If you're a buffalo running with a herd and you realize that the herd is running towards the cliffs, what do you do? If you stop, you get trampled. If you dont stop, you fall with the rest of them. What do you do? It is only the natural human predisposition towards selfishness that makes this a difficult question to ponder. It's really not a difficult question at all.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Lies That Bind

For years and years, the oil shills and hacks in the media have been telling Americans that it is ok to go on with their drunken sailor oil binge, because there will always be more. These repeated affirmations and suggestions to continue mindless consumption have gotten more desperate over the years. And now they have ventured further into absurdity with the oil shale scam.

In the above chart, you can see how these shills are attempting to reaffirm the same status quo mindset that is currently wrecking America. They are in essence saying
“it’s ok to go on behaving as if there is an endless supply of oil. There’s no need to alter your lifestyle. There’s no need to save up to prepare for an economic future which may be significantly worse than the present. And there is definitely NO need to establish conservative policies that at least match what the rest of the world is doing.”

In other words:
(Nothing to see here, keep sucking the world dry so you can go back to being slaves on the feudal farm asap!)

By putting out completely fraudulent charts like the one above, these shills are in fact dealing irreparable damage to the country. How do I know that chart is fraudulent? Because when making these sorts of comparisons of US energy reserves with those of Saudi Arabia and Iran and Russia, the amount of the resource is irrelevant next to the amount of energy contained in that resource. The relevant information in this case is not the amount of shale we have, but the amount of energy contained in that shale as it compares to the amount of energy contained in the oil reserves from Saudia Arabia and Iran and Russia. That chart explicitly and directly implies that we have nearly seven Saudi Arabias worth of net usable energy trapped in US oil shale. This is completely untrue, and there is not one hack geologist who can provide any evidence whatsoever that US oil shale contains anywhere near the amount of net BTUs of energy that the Saudis have. The trick is, they aren’t talking about BTUs or joules or any other widely accepted unit of energy. And they definately aren't subtracting the amount of BTUs or joules required to take that oil out of the shale and bring it to the market.

They’ve actually been pushing shale for more than 30 years, but fortunately few listened because… well take a look at oil shale:

Common sense should tell you it isn’t really oil. It’s more rock than oil. It actually has an energy density roughly equal to that of a baked potato.

(Interestingly enough, the butter on that potato actually contains a significant portion of the energy in that baked potato. 30% would be my guess.)

Keep in mind that if you take a pound of potatoes and try to make fuel out of it, you’ll be lucky if that amount of fuel moves your Flex-Fuel™ SUV out of the driveway. On the other hand, a pound of gasoline, refined from light sweet Saudi crude oil, will move your SUV at least 2 miles down the road, possibly 3. The energy densities of shale rock and crude oil really cannot even be compared.

Here is a chart that more accurately reflects the true realistic amount of energy contained in US oil shale, once accounting for all the massive amounts of energy required to remove the oil from the shale rock. It's an extremely rough estimation, but it does at least attempt to factor in the extraction cost overhead.

There is energy to be had, but it is certainly not enough to be telling anyone that it is ok to continue the status quo. It would require massive amounts of capital investment, to such an extent that it would dwarf ALL the existing oil infrastructure in the entire world. And we cannot even begin to calculate how much that capital equipment would cost, since it would all have to be built during an era of increasing energy scarcity. It should probably be done, because it would create lots of jobs for americans. But there will be no direct profits to be had. The cost overruns from this type of venture would dwarf what investors have seen from projects such as the Canadian oil sands.

Take one more good look at that chart.

These are the lies that help to explain why Americans own so many SUVs. These are the lies that cause companies like Ford and GM to bleed like a stuck pig. Americans have been fed a steady diet of misinformation for years. And now America is trapped in this cage of lies. They are truly the lies that bind.

Friday, July 18, 2008




I think that is the key word. It's 9 syllables, jeez it must be important!

Interdisciplinarianism is the skill that allows one member of a society to see and understand what the others are doing. Without this skill, we would have no way of knowing whether one branch of society has become aberrant. Any group, doctors, lawyers, politicians, scientists, environmentalists... it doesnt matter... without interdisciplinarianism, we would have no way of keeping all these separate groups in check, and even more importantly, each group would have no way of communicating with every other group. It would be like the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing.

Yesterday I wrote about how Al Gore has made a career speaking about fossil fuels and alternative energy, but he does not appear to understand the basics of energy economics. He lacks that interdisciplinarianism. So he cannot see how our need to cut emissions could actually cause an economic catastrophe. You can tell he was in government... governments suffer from this all the time.

Here's another example of how a lack of interdisciplinarianism can cause problems: most of the Ron Paul movement is somewhat on the right track talking about how deficits lead to currency devaluation. But it is really the interruption in the trendline of energy supply growth that initiated the currency devaluation we're all seeing today. After all, we've had a policy of deficit spending for the last 30 years, and the problems have just started to get really serious recently. Surely it is not fiscal irresponsibility that caused this? I mean, 25 years ago you could say that fiscal irresponsibility is going to lead to an energy and economic crisis. (And Ron Paul did say it 25 years ago.) But to say it now is kind of late. So that has rendered the Ron Paul movement effectively ineffective. And that's just one political group. The McCain group and the Obama group are even more clueless. They dont know anything at all about energy or basic economics. It seems they do not even possess high school educations. But that is a separate issue from interdisciplinarianism. Basically, they're just plain dumb. This is very unfortunate, to say the least.

What we need is a way to synthesize esoteric information like the "Peak Energy Positive Feedback Loop", so as to move it into the mainstream. The process of synthesis is what will bring the greatest understanding for everyone, including the experts. Take Al Gore's film, and also the film Day After Tomorrow as examples. Those films helped to popularize some of the scarier possibilities of climate change. I don't care much for the idea of overdramatizing something to the point of discrediting a field of science. But I think it is harmless to help people to imagine scenarios where rapid climate shifts can occur. After all, that possibility is not fiction. The climate can and has undergone rapid shifts in the past. (I dont know about days or weeks, but definately in timescales of just a few years.)

Unfortunately, at this point in time people are 10 times more concerned about catastrophic climate change than they are about the types of catastrophies that can and will occur if we allow ourselves to drive right off the energy cliff. Humanity has been asked a simple question: are we smarter than yeast? We are on the threshold of checking the NO box.

What is oddly frightening to me is the fact that I have not seen even one pop culturalization of an energy crisis. At least, nothing that I can remember. Nothing that really fits what seems most likely to happen. Considering all the incredible scenarios that have been played out in movies, that strikes me as incredibly extraordinarily odd, to the nth degree of oddness. From earthquakes, volcanos, asteroids, plagues, world wars, alien invasions, post apocalyptical scenarios, evil dictators, even killer bees! Why is there no box office hit movie involving a peak energy scenario? To be honest, the Matrix is the closest thing I can think of.

But the Matrix's main premise was fatally flawed, since the human body will never be a net producer of energy. And the very idea that people actually think the human body can "produce" energy is rather scary. This is basic physics. But that doesnt really matter because that film was not really about enslaving humans to be used as AA bateries.

That was just the sugar coating, to acclimate us to the much darker reality that may be coming. 30, 20, or even 15 years from now, reality may be so harsh that many people may willingly choose to be plugged into a matrix. But they will only be told they are going into a matrix. In reality who the hell knows what hell they will be going to.... How lovely. In my limited study of the occult neofuedal darklords, I have learned 2 key points. One, they always openly state their plans. Two, the public must willingly accept whatever form of enslavement the dark lords offer. The Matrix reality fits right into that.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Al Gore: Doesn't Know, or Doesn't Care?

Al Gore recently did an interview with Catie Couric.

In it, he says:

One of the reasons why our country's had such a hard time dealing with this, is it does involve national security, energy, the economy and the environment. But there's a common thread that runs through all of them. The key is ending our dependence on carbon-based fuel. And if we grab hold of that thread and pull it, the other problems begin to unravel, and we got the answer right in our hands. It's the switch over from carbon-based fuel to renewable energy.

Umm, no, if we grab hold of that thread and pull it, the fabric of society will begin to unravel. Fossil fuels and our dreaded carbon emissions are the only thing that holds that fabric together. Is Al Gore really so dumb as to think that we can just poop out all these alternative energy technologies without paying anything for them? He talks about them being "expensive" but he doesn't seem to grasp the concept that it is the fossil fuel energy itself that is the currency of the world.

The only way to build out the alternative energy infrastructure is to consume even more fossil fuels. Everyone who said those additional supplies will be readily available has been more wrong than a broken clock. EVERYONE. The government can print more dollars, but it cannot print more energy. Al Gore, a Nobel Prize winner, surely must understand this. Either he doesn't know, or he really doesn't care. Which is it?

Is Al Gore like that innocent roadrunner who just happens to be helping run Wile E Humanity off of a cliff?

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Iranian War-Games

I read in the news today that Iran apparently faked a missile launch using doctored photos.

Iran: doctored missile image?

Dept. Of Photoshop: When 3 Becomes 4

Did Iran doctor image of its missile test launch?

Iranian missile test photo 'digitally altered'

Picture: Iran 'fakes' missile launch after misfire

The absurdity of this is what piqued my curiosity. So I took a look at the photo. It does indeed appear they faked a missile launch. I have highlighted a number of patterns that both images share. No two smoke trails should share this many patterns. The odds of it naturally occuring are infinitesimal.

The only question is... why? They would have to be really stupid to think they could cover up a failed missile launch with such a lousy attempt at photo editing. They must have taken lessons from NIST, whose doctored images of the damage to WTC 7 are as bad as this. It's funny how no one in the mainstream media cares to report on that story, but they're all over this story.