Thursday, January 10, 2008

Should We Be Excited About Ron Paul?

I'm not "excited" about Ron Paul. Excited simply isnt the correct state of mind for anyone who is awake these days

I've been following his campaign since the beginning. His 2002 speech on the congress floor played a part in my actually becoming knowledgeable of that dark underbelly of american politics. I guess it was Noam Chomsky and Howard Zinn that really got me started on my "road to recovery" (to give credit where credit is due), but Ron Paul has definately played a huge part. I love his speeches and his reasoning is very solid.

For someone like me, Ron Paul doesnt represent much to be excited about. What he is advocating is simply coming back down to reality. I agree with him on that.

But there are two key issues that I disagree with him about. One I wont get into. A simple glance at the other headlines here will clue you in on that. Yes I am a twoofer! But such is not relevant here, because terrorism has always been inflicted upon us by inside and outside forces, and thus it cant be the cause of our recent precipitous decline. Thus I dont fault Ron Paul for dodging this issue.

The other major point of disagreement is the oil issue. And that is extremely relevant.

Ron Paul doesnt talk much about oil, especially about the fact that US oil production peaked right about the time when the Bretton-Woods system collapsed in 1971. I find it quite ironic that Ron Paul talks so much about 1971 (I've heard him mention that year dozens of times) yet he doesnt mention that we peaked that year. That's when the biggest of our big problems really began. Instead of being reasonable and responsible, we just kept right on consuming. Now the situation is clearly untenable. Dire in fact. Global oil production has been in a plateau for the last two years. Just check the charts. It's not a conspiracy theory. lol. And when you factor in the amount of oil we are consuming just in the production of oil, it is clear that NET global oil production is in fact in decline. (It takes a lot of fossil fuel energy to heat shale rock, drill miles down, pump water into wells, etc. all of which we are doing more and more of.) Sadly, such a statement falls on deaf ears even today, which is why we're in the shape that we are in. Couple that with the fact that so many people will blindly state that the economy is doing great! Even though any percentage gains in GDP (or any other measure) are totally erased by the decline of the dollar. The economy is in fact in a state of total collapse, and Ron Paul cant do anything about it. No one person can. At this point the best we can hope for is to mitigate the disaster. Of course Ron Paul has to somehow paint a rosy picture around this, otherwise no one would listen at all. I could care less about putting roses on a turd, but Ron Paul is a politician, thus he must "paint the turds" or else he'd get 0 votes. (Like the zero votes he got in those many districts in NH, even after people in those districts came out and made public statements saying they indeed voted for Ron Paul. wink. wink. But voter fraud is so insignificant compared to what's truly at stake here. Sadly.)

At this point in time, all I want from my government is for it to stand back and get the heck out of the way and let free hearts and free minds at least try to solve the problem. If that isnt done then the slide towards tyranny will only accelerate. So many people have been comparing the US to 1930's Germany lately. Luckily for the US, enough people around the world still believe in our good name. But we're drifting further and further away from everything this country stood for that made it great. The question that needs to be asked is how can we have any innovation or any technological breakthrough when the nation is consumed by Britney, the Super Bowl, and Desperate Housewives? The simple answer is... it cant. So there can only be two mid-term solutions to our problems. (But of course I cant rule out that unlikely third solution.)

1. Total peace in Iraq. Followed by massive increases in oil production. 6 mbpd in 2010 to 8 mbpd in 2012 to 12 mbpd in 2014. Iraq is the only place left in the world that can provide the kind of oil supplies we need to keep this ponzi scheme going for another decade. (This may seem like a lot more oil, but it is required just to cover all the many countries currently declining in production.) Hopefully some technological breakthroughs will occur in that time.

2. The US economy collapses entirely thus dragging down oil imports and allowing the rest of the world to once again have $20 oil. In this scenario, obviously the US will be seen as the bad guy getting what it deserves just as the Soviet Union got what it deserved roughly 20 years ago. Further, such a collapse would most likely free Iraq and promote scenario 1. I dont particularly like this scenario, but in terms of "karmic justice" this does seem like the most logical solution. What worries me is that with someone like Hillary overseeing such a scenario, you can be certain that millions will die and the holocaust will make the Nazis look like boyscouts. And the propaganda machine will convince everyone that all who died were with Al-Qaeda. We would cease to be a free country, and as such all advances both social and technological will cease.

3. A serious technological breakthrough is revealed. Something on the order of anti-gravity. Dont think Jetsons (I cant stand that analogy.) Think mass scale inexpensive electricity generation.

What convinces me that scenario #2 is most likely to occur is the fact that the media covers up every single piece of relevant information Americans need to make informed decisions. Take the Sibel Edmonds story that was buried this week. Since it's a small piece of the AQ Khan story, they obviously had no choice but to cover it up since they covered it up every step of the way. You cant spin the maliciousness implied by the media's actions just on this one longrunning story. And there are hundreds of examples of such obvious maliciousness. I dont care how collosal a conspiracy is required for this to be true.... all I know is that it's bad. Bad as anyone ever said it was. And that's pretty bad! Despite the wealth of information and alternative media sources available today... despite the fact that there's so much out there even for people who dont read (I have over 50 gigs of audio and hundreds of gigs of video, all alternative stuff that would never be covered in the mainstream media). Despite all this, the average citizen is more clueless than ever. This cannot end well...

At this point I just want it to end as gracefully as possible. (Ron Paul says this as well) I dont want another world war. Because if there is one, we will not be on the winning side. Despite all our military might... People like Cheney already know this, that's why they are transferring all their assets to Dubai and other relatively safe havens. The writing is all there, on the wall, clear as day, for those that wish to see it. The funny thing is that when terrorism flares up... (and I'm talking about real terrorism not government sponsored terrorism...) When the real stuff happens, do people like Cheney really believe they are going to strike here? That's the one silver lining in all of this... the real terrorists that people like Cheney are trying so hard to provoke... they are going to hit places like Dubai.

Just look at the incredible bias in the media against a real founding father type like Ron Paul. They are one step shy of calling him Al-Qaeda! For saying the same things Jefferson was saying. Isnt that amazing? Does anyone really believe that they'd allow him to accomplish one little thing if he got elected? I seriously, seriously doubt he'd even be able to pull out of Iraq! Like I said, that oil is the only thing that I can see that can keep this economy afloat. Even Ron Paul doesnt have a solution to that conundrum. No one does. That's why they led us in there. The only solution I see is war crimes tribunals and multiple public executions of Bush Administration officials...and a hope that such actions will lead to total peace in Iraq. Obviously that's as unlikely to happen as anything else.

So that in a nutshell is why I'm not excited about Ron Paul. But evenso, he is still the best candidate for the job. The other candidates are just a joke that will see this system run into the ground as brutally as possible. They show no signs of even having a grasp on the issues that drive politics. They only speak to the lowest common denominator... to those kinds of people who make decisions based on headlines and what their favorite pop stars say. Ron Paul is a statesman, the others are all just politicians. As the country further slides downhill, the words of the founding fathers may begin to ring more true. But the real question is why would anyone want to elect a statesman now? 20 years ago, maybe, but now, all he would be is a scapegoat. If you like Ron Paul, why would you wish that upon him? I guess it just goes to show how high the stakes are...

When Bush was (s)elected I said this country would not suvive 8 years of this guy. Given the current rate of contraction and devaluation of the dollar, it appears that I was right. There might still be a country come 2009, but it is not going to be very pretty. The best we can hope for is that the federal reserve keeps pumping money into the banking system, and the economy can somehow remain solvent for long enough for a technological breakthrough to occur. It's true that the middle class will be priced out of existence by stagflation, but isnt that better than a total collapse ushered in by Ron Paul? Isnt that what is just? Shouldnt the dumbed down apathetic public be the ones to pay? Because after all they are the ones who dont pay attention.

You see, those of us that have been paying attention have been rewarded. Look at that silly overpriced consumer gimmick -- the iPod. I would never own one but I know that people are dumb enough to go into debt to have them! Hey more power to em! Thanks for teh cash! (btw I'm still using and loving that $30 usb flash mp3 player/plugin cigarette lighter/fm transmitter that I bought ages ago and blogged about on here. Now THAT is truly a great product! Not a gimmick!). And it pays in other ways to know what's going on. Take an alternative energy company like FSLR. Up almost 1000% in 2007. Yes, We Who are Watching may survive this. (btw I wouldnt buy solar now. I'm predicting oil will drop to $75 within 2 months. Come May, the flood gates for solar should open back up, if we dont crash by then.)

But the average moron who doesnt know and doesnt care to know... they will lose everything. And isnt that the best we can ever hope for? To survive and fight another day? When the rest of the country sees how successful you can be just by being informed, they will want to emulate you, instead of Britney. And in such ways hope is kept alive. The vision set forth by the founding fathers can be renewed. But first, all the flotsam has to be cleared out. And those moron yuppies who dont know anything and laugh at you when you throw fact after fact in their faces... hey... I tried my best to warn as many as I could. Kudos to anyone else who tried. But 2008 should be the year where you start looking out for yourself. In this day and age there is simply no excuse for anyone to not know how controlled their worldview has been. This is the age of the free mind, for those that truly wish to be free.

It's so funny that this is actually the BEST argument I've ever heard against Ron Paul. Why hang him out to dry? It's just that simple. Yet the other candidates cant use that slogan because they'd have to level with the American people in order for the argument to make any sense! But such is the absurdity of American politics...