Tuesday, February 09, 2010


Message to anyone who considers themselves a part of the "Tea Party Movement" or whatever it might be called: If you can't understand why it is bad to spend $100,000 to have Sarah Palin speak at your convention, then you shouldn't be in politics. Please, go back to watching football.

There is a reason there are only two parties in power in Washington. Both the democrats and the republicans may not be accomplishing anything useful relevant to carrying out their constitutional duties. But rest assured they are spending millions assessing their options for staying in power. That is the one and only thing they can do, competently.

If you want to understand Sarah Palin, here's an appropriate Animal Farm analogy: Sarah Palin is the duplicitous fool the Pigs hired to cross out the word "bad" and replace it with the word "better".

Sarah Palin, putting the "better" in "two legs better".