Thursday, March 12, 2009

Peak Oil and The Future of Alternative Energy

I think it is very possible that 10 years from now we could be in the middle of a Japanese-style longterm recession, and the media will never allow the public to understand that it was ultimately caused by lack of sufficient growth in energy supplies. Everyone will be busy hating the bankster pigmen. No one will understand that despite exponential increases in energy sector investment, oil production still collapsed. No one will understand, despite the abundant evidence indicating that the vast majority of oil exporters have passed their peak production, including Saudi Arabia. (Saudi Arabia peaked in 2005. Despite prices skyrocketing, they were not able to beat their 2005 numbers last year.)

The result of this clampdown of information (called the Energy Iron Triangle) will be that alternative energy will never reach the sort of demand that is required to drive the prices up to stimulate steady longterm investment and growth. Instead, the economy will simply continue to contract according to the scenarios laid out by Kunstler and others. It will be the Long Emergency, and nobody will even realize what caused it. It's already been going for 4+ years, and so few understand. There is little reason to believe that this will change. All public opinion is manufactured based on service of elite interests. It serves the elite to make everyone afraid of climate change, because they will get their global carbon tax scheme in place. Does it matter that peaking fossil energy means less carbon emissions in the future? Even if we waste no resources on scams such as carbon capture & sequesteration? Nope, of course not. They want their carbon taxes, and they will get them. The "tax on life" is one of the ultimate goals of the eugenicists running this planet.