Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Ignorance, Krugman Style

So the genius is at it again. This time with an article entitled “Despair, American Style”. In the article he states that "the truth is that we don’t really know why despair appears to be spreading across Middle America".

Really? He cannot understand why this same despair does not affect Sweden with its giant welfare state. Or why it does not impact the liberal bastions in America such as the Northeast and California. Really?

I tend to agree with Deaton to some degree. Middle-aged whites have “lost the narrative of their lives.” But what exactly is that narrative? And more importantly, could it be that they simply realized that this narrative was all a bunch of bullcrap? And that the guilt of falling for such a stupid narrative is what leads these people to be self destructive?

So what is this narrative? It goes something like this:

You work hard, pay your taxes, and live the American Dream. You uphold a high moral standard. You hold onto traditional values because you know that is what has worked in the past. For example, you get married before having children. And you honor that vow! Because you know that not honoring that vow makes you a failure as a person. It is a hundred little traditions like that that add up to a way of life in which you can be proud. That pride itself drives you to do great things.

But then you look at the country around you and see these traditions being systematically attacked and destroyed. Your way of life is crumbling around you. Your nation is crumbling around you. And then you look at where your tax money is going. You worked hard to find the right partner. Or maybe you're still working hard at it. Either way, you sacrificed a great deal. You didnt give in to every hedonistic desire, or at least you tried to keep it in check best you could. But then you find out that 10% of your tax dollars have been given to single moms on welfare. The vast majority of these women got in the situation they are in by being grossly irresponsible. Or by believing in a certain way of living that you do NOT support. A way of living that you know invariably leads to financial ruin and ruined childhoods. But YOU have to pay for that way of life. It is like a double tax. You worked extra hard to live your life to a better standard, only to have to turn around and pay money to others who refused to uphold your standards. How is that supposed to not make your frickin blood boil? But it gets worse. A hundred times worse.

These welfare queens start moving into your city, thanks again to your own tax money. Their little spawn start going to the same school as your children. These welfare queens' spawn are growing up without fathers. Fathers are responsible for as much as 75% of a child's vocabulary development. Children who grow up without a father in the home are relatively incapable of communicating effectively. Which makes them into little hellions that dont frickin listen, dont respect, dont obey. And these kids are now influencing your kids. They are in the same school as your kids. As a result, the education of all children suffers. People cant wrap their heads around why our kids are not educated. This is why. They dont have frickin dads. Or their classmates dont and they have to be in the same class. But you know this already. And again, it makes your blood boil. You are forced to pay tax money into a system that you do not support, a way of life you do not support, at great personal sacrifice. It's that double tax thing I mentioned earlier. But now you see the effect that system has on your own children, making this not a double tax, but a TRIPLE tax. How do you like it, CHUMP? That is what you are. A frickin CHUMP. And what does a good little CHUMP do? He grabs a bottle of whiskey.

And this is just the result of that 10% of your tax money that goes to single moms who bang the wrong guy at every turn. But it doesnt stop there either. Oh yes it gets even worse. You see, the government runs a deficit each and every year. Which means the government is borrowing money every year to give to single moms so they can screw more idiot guys and have more kids who grow up without fathers and ruin even more of your children's educational opportunities. And what does it mean when the government borrows money? It means new money is created out of thin air every year. So the value of existing money is diluted. This of course causes the price of everything to rise. So now you pay more for healthcare. More for your kids' college tuition. More for a pound of beef. More for a goddam movie ticket. So its not really a triple tax is it? It is a QUADRUPLE tax. First, you paid through personal sacrifice. You didnt bang the first person that winked at you only to find out later on that they arent right for you. You didnt bring a child into this world with no intention of actually raising them. Oh the fun that you missed. And now YOU have to pay your hard earned money to a bunch of sluts who chose not to make that same sacrifice. Boom, double taxed. And then their little fatherless uncommunicative disobedient little hellions influence your kids and ruin your kids education. Boom, triple tax on yo ass. And then the government cant actually pay for this welfare with your taxes alone, so it borrows / prints the money and then you pay more for everyhing. Boom, quadruple taxed. How do you like that, CHUMP? Better take another double shot of that whiskey.

And by the way, that fourth layer of tax is the one that Krugman loves most. Lord yes. The guy revels in it like a pig in mud. Smelly mud. You can practically see the mud rolling off him when you read his tripe. We didnt spend enough money, he says! That is why GDP is only growing 2%. Oh really? It's not because of a broken welfare state that taxes hard working people to help pay to turn people into slovenly drooling morons who either dont work, or screw anything with 2 legs and pump out little monsters who ruin the education and thus the productivity of the entire nation? This guy will not accept ANY responsibility for the damage he has done. None of them will. They only want more and more of your hard earned money to hand out to sluts, illegal immigrants, and lazy drooling idiots. What really gets to me is how they have the nerve to act surprised when our country flounders as a result.

Notice I've only covered a paltry 10% of your tax money that gets spent on one specific thing, single moms. What about the other 90% of your tax money? I wish I could say that the rest of it fares better and is put to better use. But of course it isnt. 

Another 10% of your tax money goes to immigrant welfare. WHAT? Do I need to describe how that also is a double, and then a triple, and then ultimately a quadruple tax?

How far down this rabbit hole do you want to go? How far down do you need to go? By now, if you're a good little CHUMP, you've already finished off half that bottle of whiskey.

Do you understand yet why those particular lines are going up? If not then let me make it perfectly clear. It is guilt. You can tell just by looking at that chart that it is clearly guilt. Someone is feeling mighty guilty. But guilty of what? What are you guilty of, white man?

YOU are guilty because YOU failed. YOU let this happen. YOU stood around with your thumb up your butt and talked about football while a massive army of illegals moved in and stole your tax money.

YOU let a bunch of welfare sluts screw their way into YOUR wallet to the tune of $5 trillion over the past 10 years alone.

YOU let them kill millions of unborn babies in your name, using your tax dollars to do it. You may as well have pulled the trigger yourself. Or stuck the needle, or whatever the hell it is they do. I dont even know what they do actually, and I dont want to know.

YOU let a bunch of corporations write laws to allow them to charge monopoly prices for medicines and make trillions off you. Now you're paying $9000 a year premiums with a $6000 deductible. How do you like that, CHUMP?

YOU voted for a 2nd Bush because you liked the way he sounded when he said "If we don't stop extending our troops all around the world in nation-building missions, then we're going to have a serious problem coming down the road, and I'm going to prevent that." Lord yes, you fell for it.

YOU stood there in a trance while the controlled media gaslighted you.

You fell for it all. Your whole frickin life is a lie.

You let these little Lucys pull the football out from under you, and then you let them pull the rug out from under you too. And then you paid for the damn rug, and the football. Over and over and over again. You never even got to kick it. Because you're a CHUMP. Now DRINK, you worthless piece of crap.




I am not saying I agree with the solution so many people are apparently choosing -- drinking and drugging themselves by the millions like the Russians did after the Soviet Union fell. I am only trying to illustrate why it is happening. The correct solution is to stand up for what you believe in. Our great nation is under attack. The enemy is bringing in more and more leftist voters every year so they can vote for more and more handouts. Take a moment to think about that, as a tactic, and then realize what it means. It is low beyond measure. It is despicable. It means they know they cannot win on ideology. If the leftist ideology was so great, they wouldnt need to bring in voters from failed states to advance their agenda. And make no mistake, most latin american and asian countries clearly are failed states. They are failed states because they dont have what we have: a constitution, a people of tradition, who work hard, and who have some of the greatest thinkers this world has ever known as their nation's founders. We're on the right side of this. You have to know it down to your bones. You will need that strength and conviction to turn this tide. Let us not mince words. Let us call this what it is, a Communist Invasion, like the one your parents and grandparents were worried about 50+ years ago. Guess what, it happened. It really happened. Now put down the damn bottle. You're not a lost little soviet soldier. The Russians that drank themselves to death didnt have a George Washington to guide them. You do. It is about time you let him.