Thursday, October 28, 2010

Taxation Without Representation

CNN has released an article called The Fed's 'tax on the consumer'.

After all this time, after all this looting, after all this open outright theft for a hundred years, most people still do not understand how this system works.

It is very simple. The rich make bad bets, so they go crying to the Fed that they need more money to be made whole. Just like when you are broke in a game of Monopoly and you land on someone's boardwalk. Instead of going bust, the bank "prints" new money and loans it to you to keep you in the game. Now there is more money in the system, so prices rise to reflect the change in total money.

But what is really going on here? It can be seen as a bailout, but in the simplest terms it is merely a tax. Mind you, this is all out in the open. Here is a Bloomberg mainstream article reporting on how the rich banksters are deciding how much to tax the sheeple. That's what this is. That's all this is. They decide, openly and publicly, how much money they are going to steal from the people.

In the simplest possible terms, they are taxing the poor by destroying the value of the currency. Buying debt for more than it is worth is the EXACT same thing as taxing everyone in general, except those few who actually get paid.

It is taxation without representation. Notice that this isnt Congress voting to raise taxes. No this is private bankers openly conspiring to tax the poor and middle class by debasing the money supply.

This is King George level tyranny, right out in the open. They make no attempt to hide it except passively through their moneyed influence on our education, information, and entertainment institutions. (Notice how even the CNN article I referenced does this? It says "the Fed's Tax on the Consumer?" What consumer? That's obfuscation. It's a tax on all people, it has nothing to do with consumers. They put that word in there to hide the fact that this is open class warfare. And they certainly will not mention class warfare. But the banksters do not have the power to stop these kind of articles altogether, as much as they'd like to.)

But how often do you hear the so called "Tea Party" talking about any of this? They are unfocused on this issue, for a variety of reasons. But in order to put an end to this tyranny, there must be a political party that maintains a razor sharp focus on this one issue. The Tea Party can still be that, but everyone who calls themself a tea partier must learn the history of "Taxation Without Representation" and make it their slogan now. The louder those words echo, the less ability the banksters will have to steal from the poor, and the more the rich will have to eat their own bad bets. That's when the speculation starts to end and the wealthy begin to focus on capital formation rather than wild speculation. That is the only way out of an economic depression.

What happens when a congressman buys a house for $200k, then turns around and sells it two years later for $800k? When the market value is only $250k? Well, generally speaking he (and a couple other people) might go to jail, or at least pay a big fine. Or at the very least get exposed by some fearless news reporter. But this is EXACTLY what the Federal Reserve does. It buys debt for more than it is worth! People who engage in these acts should be hit with racketeering charges, since that is exactly what is happening. You can even argue that deliberate currency debasement should carry the same penalties as counterfeiting. This sort of open outright criminal conduct can only result in one thing: more criminal conduct. I predict that, piece by piece, this country is going to get dumped into the harbor until this stops.