Friday, March 28, 2008

Peak Oil vs Global Warming

Which is the bigger threat? Which will win in the ultimate Godzilla vs King Kong style contest of calamities?

My money is on peak oil "winning". (Not that its much of a victory.) To me, it isnt even a contest. It's not Godzilla vs King Kong, it's Godzilla vs Diddy Kong. Ironically, the average person, even the average college educated person, is totally naive on the issues in this debate. They are just as naive as Diddy Kong.

Carbon emissions will eventually drop off, but not before anything and everything is burnt as the maddened masses scrounge and scrape the land for resources.

There will be attempts to cull and herd the populations, and there will be mass eugenics carried out. But the resources required to run these programs will not be available for long, and they will not be able to control all the supply lines.

Basically, the "terrorists" will win. (Terrorist being anyone who disagrees with the idea of being rounded up and slaughtered nazi-style) Tell me you cant easily envison some hack on Faux News talking about how those bloody terrorists have struck again, and we need to send in 10,000 more troops to secure resources. What resources? Food. Water. Wood. The troops will slaughter those poor people who refuse to go to the concentration camps. And when they fight back, they are terrorists.

A very grim future indeed. But that's what happens when people choose to live in denial. I do believe that all of that can be prevented. But first there has to be an awakening. And that just is not possible with the CFR controlled media. Too many people buy the fraud of global warming. Even if sea levels rise 20 feet in the next 50 years, that will pale in comparison to the number of people who are going to die from peak oil. If there is ample energy supplies, there will be resources to relocate people away from the coasts. With energy shortages, there is nothing but death.

So like I said, there is no doubt about which is worse. And yet millions of people are ready to sign away their freedom to reduce CO2... its so absurd... it would be funny if it wasnt so sad.

Dear Jessica Wakeman

I remember reading your Cloverfield 9/11 piece a while back. It made me want to see the movie. I hope you will take my advice and stop wasting your time on these dumbed down moronic pop culture gimmics. You're much too good a writer to waste your talent on such garbage.

I doubt you'd agree with me when I say that Gloria Steinem has done more damage to america than all the bimbos on all the computer screens combined. But you need to hear it.

Doesnt it bother you that there are so many single mothers out there trying to raise children? Most feminists think its perfectly ok, because they will get along just fine without men. But they are ignoring the obvious trend that the US is following.... a trend that is clearly leading to 3rd world status. It is only the credit that has kept this country rich enough to where women could get by without men. And as we now know, the credit bubble is collapsing. What that means to all feminists is that they have got to start thinking about how they are going to get by in a country that is significantly less stable than it once was. And how to do it without a man. How to get by while carrying these rediculous ideas that so divide our culture precisely at a time when we need unity. That wont be easy. Feminists who live in denial about this are setting themselves up for a lot of pain and suffering in the coming years. Every feminist is going to realize that they've literally been had. Played like a fiddle by the CFR. Feminism, like many things, was used to destroy this country.

It's sad, and I can assure you that the horror of knowing all this for years, and slowly watching it unfold exactly as predicted, is just as devastating as seeing the twin towers burn from a distance close enough to hear the thumps from the falling bodies. I would rather watch something like that, than see my worst fears about the future of america materialize. But still, even now, people dont want to listen to me, especially feminists. My words are instantly hated because feminists are programmed to respond with blanket denial by the very forces that I'm fighting against. But I think feminists would listen to you.

I think you would be happier fighting against the powers that be. Rather than writing divide-and-conquer style attack pieces on the idiocy of men. We're so far beyond that now it isnt even funny. We all know that men are stupid. But women are stupid too, and highlighting each other's stupidity is not helping the situation. We've all been played. It's easy to laugh at the thought of some guy actually paying money to buy bimbo bucks. I personally think it's hilarious. But he's doing that for a reason. And that reason is because there is no supportive female role model in his life. And that is because the women are too busy working and shopping and... talking about how dumb the men are. If there is to be any hope for this culture at all, then it simply MUST move beyond this. You could play an import role in that process.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Real Estate Crash caused by Denial

To get us out of a recession, the fed lowers interest rates. This is equivalent to printing massive amounts of money, in the form of credit.

That is standard procedure.

They didnt care where the money went, as long as it went somewhere. Last time around, it went into housing. It could just as easily have gone into cars or solar panels. The point is that it tends to create a bubble somewhere.

The main problem is that the bubbles they create often dont do much for productivity. Yeah, we built a bunch of houses, but what did it do for us? The simple answer is it increased our energy consumption. Just like the "SUV boom" of the 1990's increased our national energy consumption. These booms create jobs, but they also create waste. The boom in SUVs created some waste that we all can see quite clearly now. And the weight of that waste is usually what causes the bubble to pop.

I find it rather ironic that two of the biggest booms we've had have been booms that cause energy use to rise. Big houses, and big vehicles.

Then we hit the plateau of peak oil, and now we have big houses, big vehicles, and big energy bills! Yet peak oil, even to this today, is rarely discussed.

Whatever the reason it is not being discussed, THAT is precisely the reason things will get much much worse. If you dont talk about real problems and real issues, they stand 0% chance of being solved. The problem can be solved, but the denial is what will ensure that it will not be solved.

Peak oil is what caused energy prices to rise so far beyond what was predicted by the so called "experts". This price increase started to eat into the money that was supposed to feed the housing bubble. So the housing bubble popped. People had to spend an extra hundred bucks a month on gasoline. And an extra hundred on heat and electricity for their homes. (Natural gas peaked in 2001). And that, combined with other rises in cost of living, combined with increasing ARM rates is what brought about this totally predictable collapse. The system could withstand normal inflation. All their computer models factored in the inflation that was expected to be caused by the lowered interest rates. But the analysts live in denial of peak oil, and that caused their computer models to also live in denial of peak oil. But in the end, you can only get so far living in denial.

It is important to note that if we had a "solar/wind bubble" instead of a housing bubble, then the consequences would not have been nearly as disastrous. Both bubbles would have created lots of jobs. But instead of increasing total non-renewable energy consumption, we would have decreased it. And that would have enabled further growth. Growth is what brings wealth. We cant have growth if we cant increase energy consumption or energy efficiency.

Now we are stuck in the precarious position of having to increase total energy efficiency by 5% a year in order to have economic growth. That by itself is very tough to do. Especially when there is no interest, thanks to the public being misled by their wolf-in-sheep-skin CFR masters.

But then we have another even larger problem looming over the horizon. And that is the fact that the world's largest oil exporters are also the fastest growing countries in terms of oil consumption. The export-land model shows that oil exporting countries can rapidly deplete their own export capacity once their oil production peaks. The UK and Indonesia are two prime examples. Under the export-land model, Saudi Arabia could be at 0 net exports within 10 years. That is a worst case scenario. (Actually total global chaos is a worst case scenario, but I'm discarding that for sake of optimism.) The point is that these problems just get worse and worse when people deny they exist. The denial will continue as long as people deny that groups like the CFR want to destroy the USA.

How do they do it? How does the CFR control America? How does it decide our fate? Through central planning. If you believe that there are no central planners controlling the market and society, then you're in denial about more than peak oil! They control the media. They control what gets discussed. They control which scientific theories are accepted and rejected. But even if you believe they are acting in some positive manner, they are NOT always right. Expansion tectonics is a slam dunk example of where they go wrong. And that's why central planning is bad. They just deny huge swaths of reality until they basically destroy themselves. That's if they're benign. If they are malignant they destroy entire societies.