Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Women Warriors and Tentacled Beasts

When it comes to feminism, I admit to having the wool pulled over my eyes for the longest time. I used to blindly think that it was so great to have women doing all the things men can do. In many ways it is great, but it also exposes a critical weakness in the fabric of American culture.

What is feminism, really?

Feminism is about making women into bigger and better consumers. It has little to do with actually empowering women in any way shape or form. So when I see women working as laborers, it really bothers me.

Women should not be doing that kind of work. Women need to be working within their community. Women need to work with other women to make their community a better place to live. They need to be planning things, and calculating ways to save money by being more efficient. They need to be talking to each other, and keeping a watchful eye on their community and the world in general. This is what women should be doing, while the men are laboring.

If women did their job better, then maybe the cost of living wouldn't be so high that everyone in a family has to have a job! It's getting worse because every community is growing more fractured and more isolated, and less informed, and less able to plan ways to save money, as a community. How often does a typical feminist consider any of this? Probably not very often. They're too busy believing the propaganda.

Having a culture where everyone is working (for a wage) is terrible for a workforce. We're all too busy working, and too isolated to spread information around so that the community can stay informed. Such a labor force is a prime candidate for exploitation. And golly gee, whaddaya know, look around and see. That is exactly what is happening. The tumorous Enrons of the world are growing and growing. And even in spite of all that, women still want to be so self absorbed that they are willing to forsake community and work in an isolated setting where the only thing they are allowed to discuss with others is how great some consumer product is. It seems to me that women are capable of so much more than that.

Can you not see how absurd all of this is? How much money has been siphoned from the average person from behind their back? This is what I see when I think of the american labor force as a whole: I see a bunch of people all gathered around this huge pile of dirt and rocks, and in that pile is also gold, and diamonds, and other assorted treasures. But there's this massive creature with a thousand tentacles, and those tentacles are randomly sucking the money out of people's pockets, and no one notices because everyone is too busy collecting what they can. It's time to stop being dumb; it's time to draw swords! But you see, the problem is that the people who draw their swords... they might help people save money, but they aren't getting much of anything for themselves now are they? This is how greed destroys entire civilizations...

It's sort of ironic how, in my vision of the gold miners, swordsmen, and the giant squid, the swordsmen are actually women... they are shieldmaidens guarding the men from the tentacles. In a way, that's what women have always been. 50 years ago, a man would come home from work, and if there was a problem in the community, his wife would certainly let him know. She would "protect" him while his back was turned. Well, nowadays, her back is turned too.

I'm not saying things should go back to how they were. But there has to be a way to get back some of what was lost. Perhaps both men and women can share equally in the roles of wage-earner and protector. It just seems that women are best suited for their classical roles. One thing is certain, SOMEONE must assume the role of protector. The government is not going to serve that role. (Maybe grandparents are the best hope?)

Well, like I said, I was duped for the longest time. The classical paradigm where a wife stays home to raise children and tend to the community, civic life, the home, the garden, etc, all of that, while the men work... I thought it was such a backward concept. But now I realize that this new mentality was in fact manufactured. We are conditioned to think this way, because it gets us to turn our backs, to not see the hideous creature that wants to thrive off the working class, like a parasite.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Isn't this odd? It's one of those things that make you go... hmmm.

Of course we know what these are, and why they are used. But still, when you look at a captcha, doesn't it affect you on some sort of primal level?

Captchas have to be just about the most unnatural things I have ever seen. Is it possible they are here to serve a purpose other than the obvious?

What is it that separates man from machine?

How is it that no matter what I do to this text, it is still clearly and easily legible to me, yet impossible to read by any conceivable machine? Isn't that the trillion dollar question?

If one could make a computer as powerful as the human brain, how much would such a thing be worth? More importantly, how would someone go about building such a computer? Would they contract it out to a thousand man research team and give them 20 years to come up with an idea? Why bother going through that much trouble. It seems to be happening on its own. Mark my words, one day there will be a computer than can read any type of distorted text we can throw at it. And when that day comes, what won't that computer be able to do? Where would that leave us?