Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Queen Bee Syndrome

Everyone knows what happens when a beautiful, smart, witty, flirtatious type of woman enters the room. She immediately takes center stage. She makes all the women jealous and all the men... horny. The guys that can flirt with her think she's awesome and the guys who can't, well they think she's a ho or they get jealous or think she's just plain evil. But why does it happen, like clockwork, every single time?

I call it the queen bee syndrome. It is not entirely unlike what is commonly referred to as the queen bee syndrome, except I think it is literally related to real queen bees! Humans and bees are driven by totally different socio-reproductive mechanisms. For humans, it's one man one woman. Primarily. Although infidelity and divorce rates would surely indicate that is not exactly the ideal state. But it's something like that. A few partners for everyone over the course of a lifetime. Bees on the other hand, well there's the queen and there's everything else. Genetically speaking I think it is very important for the two disparate paradigms to remain separated. If humans based their socio-reproductive heirarchies on those of the bee, the human race would probably die out. Because there would be hundreds of men fighting over the few queens, meanwhile the lesser females would go without because they are so much less appealing than the superior queens. I think that's why men are "hard wired" to be attracted to curves. This is humanity's safeguard, and it, like alcohol (and viagra), basically makes every woman into a queen! (And he sticks his foot in his mouth yet again! ::smack:: Nothing deserves a harder slap in the face than telling the truth eh?)

But still, every now and then a real queen bee does show up. And I believe, as a survival mechanism, the other females and many of the males react very harshly and scornfully. I believe this is one mechanism that prevents men and women from being equal. It must be encoded directly into our DNA. No matter how advanced society becomes, we cannot totally defeat our DNA. So is there any hope? Of course. I believe queen bees are a good thing. They force all the other women to better themselves. To be more humorous, more witty, more flirtatious, and in the evolutionary sense, more curvacious and more feminine! It's what directs our evolution.

This is why talented women often have a tougher time. They have to deal with that "evolutionary throwback" type of scorn which makes them lose confidence. Face it, if you're a comedian, and someone in the crowd boos you, you're pretty much screwed unless the rest of the crowd sticks up for you. If on a subconscious (primal) level, you are threatened by a woman's magnificence, then you aren't going to defend her when she comes under fire.

So what hope is there for equality? Sure a woman can do everything a man can do, just as long as they don't do Everything. She can sing, she can dance, she can write sofware, she can be president, CEO, chief mechanic, fire chief, beauty queen, poet, porn star, comedian... but she dare not do too many of those things at once! Or else the queen bee syndrome will manifest itself. So again, what hope is there for equality, if we cannot defeat our programmed instincts? Well, it's up to women. Be more. Do more. Try harder. Make it so that when the queen bee enters the room, no one notices, because every woman is a queen!