Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Bush feels your pain at the pump!

Oh Bush feels our pain? What a joke. It's his fault for using deficit spending to pay for wars and tax cuts. Govt debt only results in new money being created by the Federal Reserve, resulting in bubbles, such as the housing bubble. When the bubble pops, the Federal Reserve comes in and bails out the banks for their portion of the loss, leaving the average citizen holding the bag. In a truly just world, all the bagholders will be Limbaugh-loving yuppie SUV driving Bush voters. In a free market economy, all the Bush voters would be in bread lines right now. But it dont work like that. Those who save are being punished the most, through the Fed's policy of currency devaluation. Meanwhile, the yuppies go right on consuming like locusts, while listening to Limbaugh talk about how it's the liberals who did all this. Meanwhile, the idiot liberals are already so drunk with the power they havent even gotten yet. So all they can talk about is the slight differences between the empty rhetoric of Clinton and Obama. No doubt it will take them 7.99 years to realize that their favorite CFR candidate isnt going to actually do anything good for them or the country.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Brute Force Method of Media Censorship

Most media censorship is done by simply ignoring stories of significance. But sometimes news does get out, and that is where the brute force method comes into play. Here's an example:

I'm not a geologist, but this does seem pretty significant. Seismic activity like this is often a harbinger of larger quake soon to come. Shortly after hearing about this, I noticed something peculiar happened. There has been all sorts of media coverage about an impending earthquake in California.

Look at the number of news articles about the impending earthquake in California. There is over 20 times the buzz being generated about a topic Californians have known about for years, compared to the coverage of what is going on off the coast of Oregon, right now! Of course California is going to be hit in the next 30 years. How is that news now? Why right now? Why right after this Oregon story hit the web? I doubt it will lead to much, but I'm just using this as a clear example of what the media does, time and time again.


Less than 2 weeks after posting this, Reno Nevada was hit with a series of quakes that followed a very strange grid pattern. http://www.freedomsphoenix.com/Find-Freedom.htm?At=033159

That was May 2.

10 days later, China was rocked by a gigantic earthquake that killed tens of thousands. Are these events connected? Who knows. The point I'm trying to make is that our knowledge of such connections is completely dependent on our knowledge of the events themselves. And it is awfully hard to even hear about the events in Reno and off the coast of Oregon when the media, out of the blue, for no conceivable reason at all, starts flooding the channels with news stories about a California earthquake in the next 30 years.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Neofeudalist Master Plan

They took over the treasury in 1913. Caused a depression in 1929. Bought up all the gold in 1933 (for a mere pittance). They killed Kennedy when he got in their way. They staged the Gulf of Tonkin to drag us into a war whose ONLY purpose was to inflate the currency and get us to consume as much of our resources as quickly as possible. Then they created voodoo economics and used the television mind control devices to sell it to the people. This allowed us to enter a period of ostensible prosperity when in reality only the elites were really getting richer. And of course the orwellian mind control box constantly told us that all the deficit spending was completely normal and acceptable. And now, here we are. Up the creek, blindfolded, without a paddle…. And slowly realizing that the sound we’re hearing is the sound of an approaching waterfall.

I think any geopolitically awake person today would agree with what I just wrote.

Pay no mind to the distant thunder…

But why did they do all of this? Here is my one-sentence answer: To get us to consume the world's resources, so that the elite feudal lords can return the serfs to their proper place.

Oil and coal and natural gas were the poor's ultimate weapons against tyranny. As long as we had some level of control over those resources, tyranny didnt have much of a chance to thrive. But just look at history. Any time resources begin to deplete, tyranny always comes in to fill in the gap. That's why the US spends a trillion a year on "defense". For the sole purpose of bringing to an end "the age of oil" so that they can resume their thrones of power. Democracy stands no chance of survival in an era of declining resources. The US resource base has been in decline for 35 years now. And that is why what we have doesnt resemble democracy anymore. People may think it does, but that doesnt mean anything. Most of those same people also think they're going to be raptured into heaven. Maybe they will, but that is irrelevant here on earth.