Friday, August 19, 2016

Chinese Wages Set to Overtake American Wages by 2036!

I saw an interesting chart over at John Mauldin's site.

The chart itself drew very little attention from the author, despite the enormous implications.

This is the result of 25 years of Clinton/Bush/Obama globalism. In just 20 years, the old meme of Chinese slave labor making all our stuff will need to be replaced. But then again, these Clinton/Bush/Obama voters are so damn stupid they will probably continue to think of Chinese labor as slave labor even when they are actually making more money than American workers!

Now you understand why there is someone like Trump running on a platform of anti globalism. It really has gotten this bad, much further and much faster than most people realize.

Saturday, August 06, 2016

UnCalculated Risk

Calculated Risk is a blog centered around real estate and the economy in general.

I have read this blog on a weekly basis for probably close to 10 years. Back when Tanta was still there. Lately I have become increasingly annoyed by this guy's overbullishness on the economy. His constant gloating about how the economy is not in recession when the economy  has actually been in a recession for many years now. But because they are printing money like mad and giving it to the top 0.1%, they have been able to maintain the appearance of growth. Also, they understate inflation which also produces GDP growth where there otherwise wouldn't be. But this is a problem I have with the entire financial media so I am not going to judge Calculated Risk too harshly for it.

What really crosses the line with me is this post:

My advice for politicians and American citizens who supported Trump: If you haven't abandoned Trump yet, do it now. If your family, friends and co-workers know you supported Trump - tell them you've had enough. They will respect you for changing your mind (if not now, in the near future). If you have a Trump sign in your yard, take it down. If you have a Trump bumper sticker on your car, take it off.

I'm voting for Hillary Clinton, 

He's voting for Hillary Clinton!?!  His goddam litmus test apparently doesnt include voting to commit genocide in the middle east. Hillary voted for the Iraq war, which, if you're going to be honest, has turned out to be an act so hideous it can be argued that it is genocide. Millions of Iraqis dead or displaced. Her vote helped to kick off a refugee crisis that is threatening the very fabric of Europe!

So Trump says something politically incorrect, and kills no one, and he fails your stupid litmus test. Hillary votes to exterminate hundreds of thousands of muslims and not only does she pass your stupid litmus test, she is also somehow the one who is NOT a racist! That's right, by liberal logic you are a racist bigot islamophobe if you did NOT vote to go blow up Iraq. You're talking about bumper stickers while you support a demon, who, judging by her past transgressions, could quite literally kill us all. She already killed a million muslims and killed hundreds of Americans and Europeans from the blowback. She cant take full responsibility for it of course, but I assign at least 3% of the blame to her. How many tens of thousands of dead bodies is that? How many millions more have to live their lives in total hell because people like YOU think it is more important that a politician have 17 guys around him planning and scripting every goddam thing he says. What the hell is wrong with YOU? Screw you and your litmus test you piece of trash.